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What to say on a job interview


To win a job interview is really hard work and requires lots of preparation and practice. Many compare it like to come first at a marathon where many competitors and only one winner can be. Sometimes it is difficult decently to survive all the interview questionings. However, it might be exhausting morally and emotionally to bear the meeting on high level till the end.

Below are some steps to successfully finish the job interview.

Represent yourself

It is extremely important to learn how to market yourself on high level. This requires lots of practice not only in front of a mirror but an audience as well in order to hear some real feedbacks. You need to know the reaction on your performance to make some improvements or entirely change the speech if the comments will be mostly negative.

Say what they want to hear

Learn to answer question properly and pleasantly. Before the interview day, find as many information about a company as you can. Read few times job post and clearly define all your skills, experience and qualifications to match with job requirements. This will help you to know what to say, emphasize, and point about yourself or ask about the firm.

Keep positive note

Never speak negatively about your previous experience, employment, or employer. Try to impress hirers with your knowledge, skills, accomplishments, or achieves. However, do not go over the board by trying to outsmart the interviewer. It might play not in your favor but just against you.

Make employers to remember you

Job candidates should show their uniqueness on a job interview. Job applicants must convince hirers that they are the right and valuable people to be in one team with. That’s why no one can overemphasize the need to thorough preparation for each interview. Remember that other competitors also try very hard to get themselves ready.

Play your part the way an interviewer acts

Be very observable. Usually people can see a type of personality of another person right away. So, it might be necessary to adjust your role and behavior a little bit for the period of an interview. For example, if the person, who interviews you, talks fast, try to speed up too. In contrast, if the interviewer might have shy personality then avoid any of movements, mimics, or phrases that might make her even more uncomfortable.

React quickly

It is not only important to think before answering any question in order to formulate your sentences appropriately and logically, but job applicants need to rationally balance between quality of a response and reasonable time spent on it. Watch your language constantly and try to eliminate as much as possible unnecessary words.


To be honest is very important in any relationship. However, do not confuse lie with not mentioning some details. Employers will look into truthful facts about your previous employments related to the potential future job position. They normally won’t spend weeks on finding out about all of your job titles and deep details about your work history. The only things normally checked are references you have to provide on the interview.