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What to expect while hunting for a job?

Many candidates experience positive and not so much moments while job seeking. Very few job applicants able to find a job quickly. Usually many people have vivid and long history of their job searching. Therefore, if you didn’t get your dream job right after starting the seeking process, don’t be upset because almost all were in your shoes at some point in time. In fact, some people believe that if you don’t get thousands of rejections or letters about how hiring companies regret to inform that you weren’t being selected for interviews, you do not search well enough and will have troubles to find a job. Therefore, instead of complaining and keeping hard feelings on hiring companies, try to seek for a job even harder than before after analyzing your previous mistakes. Strong personalities who really want to get something will definitely reach their goals. Some hiring companies even write in their job posts “Please only serious applicants reply on this post”. So, be a serious candidate for a job position and don’t waste yours or others time by sending the resume for which you don’t qualify.

Positive experience that you might get from your job searching

- You may get more comfortable to speak with employers and answer their questions. Many job givers ask approximately the same questions related to certain job titles. Even if you didn’t want to spend some time on preparation for the job interview you will get used to answering the questions with confidence in awhile. You will analyze your mistakes and get to know which answers work best for you depending on who you are talking to.

- You will possibly meet other candidates and learn from them their ways of job hunting. Many times hiring firms invite few or more candidates at a time on an interview. You will observe their manner of speaking and acting while on an employers’ premises and decide for yourself whether you want to adopt some of them or not. It is always better to judge someone else by observing him aside than notice your own mistakes.

Negative experience with job hunting

- Be aware that there can be a catch in such massive invitations, though. The employers might not even want to hire an additional employee to join their team. They just wanted to advertize themselves or collect data from applicants. Secure your identity and don’t provide to potential employers or recruiters your social security number (SSN) or driver license number before you actually get the position you applied for. Usually they ask about SSN when you need to feel your tax information. However, even if you might be asked about it, don’t assume right way that they want to still you identity, though. In such situations just simply say politely that you will provide this information later. It won’t affect their decision about your employment anyway.

- You feel during an interview that an interviewer does not want to speak with you and want to end the conversation. Of course, for that can be many reasons, but sometimes this person might not be in a mood or just doesn’t like to do interviews. Don’t think that it was because of you if you don’t see any obvious reason for that.