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What to do after high school?


After high school there are so many choices and doors open in front of teenagers that sometimes it is confusing what might be the best thing to do in their particular cases. When, on one hand, it is true that our society value youth the most, but young adults need to make themselves also more valuable than their opponents or competitors in order to succeed.

There are some things that people usually do after earning their high school diploma.

Continue education and earn a degree

Usually it is worthwhile to continue education and enroll in associate or bachelors program in order to have a better chance of getting higher paying job.

Find a part or full time job

Without any experience and education, young people usually might get only low wage jobs. However, it is still a good start. The best way to approach is to have some part time job and take college classes towards your degree. That way after graduation the student will have everything he needs to confidently pursue his career.

Learn the trade

If there is no chance, you can afford education and no one can help, then enroll in apprentice program and go all the way up to skilled journeyman. Usually in such programs you will obtain not only valuable skills, but money to cover your bills as well. After gaining knowledge and hands-on experience you have good chances to get electrician or plumber license and make decent money in the future.

Become a volunteer

Unpaid volunteering might be good for the first experience or get connections, but there is paid volunteer programs as well.

Start own business

If a person is talented in something or good at, he might try to develop unique idea and start own business. With no investment at all but decent writing skills there is a possibility to submit articles to some big websites and get paid for it. In case you are good at math or any other school subject, you can be a tutor whether in person or on-line.

Go abroad

- Teach a language in foreign country

If you are lucky to know or be born in a country where people speak valuable language then there is a chance to go teach it abroad. For example, if a person knows one of widely spoken languages like English, Spanish, or Mandarin, he might have lots of opportunities to earn money out or even in his own country.

- Babysit in home country or abroad

Usually babysitters will earn more money while caring about children abroad than in home country. In addition, the living expenses abroad might be less and possibility of travel make such adventure worth to consider.

Join the military

Some young people join military for many reasons like tuition assistance, money, health coverage, or travel. The risks are high also, but if you won’t have pretty comfortable life at home then there won’t be to lose much.

Get married

Some people like to have family early. On the other hand, it is least recommended approach to start your independent life with because typically teenagers do not know what to do with their lives yet. They might just get burn from such early commitments.