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What should I know about painting a house


Painting walls will give you not only fresh and nice look, but uniqueness and style to your house. With some creativity and imagination you can turn any room in your home into extraordinary and remarkable space.

How often you should paint your house?

The quick answer to the question is before it gets really bad. In reality it depends on the paint used and whether you have small kids or pets at home that can scratch or damage them in other ways. Chances are that you will get tired eventually even from the best design possible in the house and want some changes. With the renovation project it might be necessary to move furniture which may damage the wall surfaces and painting needs will arise earlier than what manufacturers suggest should be the average performance of the paint. In addition, repainting might be necessary due to your new design ideas. Normally homeowners with regular wall abuse and with no style changes might be good with their painted walls for about 10-12 years if they used top-quality paint and properly applied it.

Which paint to choose cheap or expensive

Homeowners should be careful while shopping for the paint. Despite the fact that you can find on the market all-surface paint, it is still a good idea to buy special one which will work better in certain areas of the house, such as bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, ceiling, and doors. Some paint is waterproof that can be just perfect for bathrooms and kitchen areas. While other regular one may be damaged easily even from minor cleaning the wall. Choosing right paint will save you not only money but valuable time as well. You won’t need to repaint the walls frequently or hire painters to do it instead.

It doesn’t necessary mean that if you buy some cheap paint you will be definitely disappointed. Normally on new and relatively perfect walls you don’t need very expensive paint especially if you wish to use some light colors. Even if you allover suddenly realized that you didn’t pick the right color and you don’t like that, it still might be possible to repaint the walls by putting just two coats of paint to completely cover the previous light colored one. On the other hand, if you plan to go with dark colors you might have to apply more coats of paint no matter whether it is a cheap option or more expensive one. However, if you go with more affordable paint you need to apply more layers compare to more costly options. So, it is wise to valuate yourself or consult with your local retailer which might be more cost efficient purchase in order not to be in the situation when you try to pay less, but spent more in the result.

Paint that have higher price is generally recommended and more cost-efficient choice for such projects where some imperfections on the walls need to be hided. It is also might be good option to apply over old paint.

How many times can I apply the interior paint

Homeowners can put as many layers as they want. It won’t affect the wall itself, but the color you wish to get.