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What can help to get a job

Get necessary skills and experience to qualify for the job

It is not that hard to find a job. However, it is much harder to get one. So, how to persuade an employer once you are on a job interview that you are the right fit for the position. How to appeal a hirer with your qualifications better than others can? To get started it might be helpful to get a degree if it is one of job requirements. But don’t rely too much on education alone. Recent college graduates straggle tremendously when searching for jobs. They sometimes even think that it is not possible to get a job if you did not work previously in the position you are applying for.

Moreover, those candidates believe that hirers don’t concern about your degree as much as about your experience. For those job applicants it is like a circle where they cannot get a job because don’t have an experience and cannot obtain the work related experience since no one wants to hire them without that. On the one hand, it is understandable why hirers hesitate to take a person on board who is right after college because they understand that they will have to train him. And this is time and money concern. Many employers don’t have time or additional resources to spend on a new comer. They would rather take someone who could be trouble free and could work independently with minimum supervision.

Get an internship

Therefore, it might be necessary to find an internship first and then negotiate with the hirer the employment conditions. For example, you can agree to sign a contract that you won’t leave the company for a certain period of time. The employers don’t want to waste their time on a person who gets some training and experience and then leave them for a higher paid offer.

Consider seasonal jobs

You might consider becoming a seasonal worker and start with a temporary job what can give you a better chance to get hired at least for some period of time. After you gain some working experience it will be somewhat easier to get a permanent position in the same field or get rehired the next season. For example, you might consider becoming a tax preparer for the tax season. Many if not all tax service companies offer free courses where you just need to purchase a book. Usually they don’t even require candidates to have relevant education or previous experience. Other example of a seasonal job might be to work for a store in the holiday season. You can get hired as a cashier or to work in customer services.

Get license

In addition, it might be helpful to get a license in order to get a job. For example, if you are in accounting field you might need to get your CPA (Certified Public Accountant). To get a state certificate might be hard, but it is well worthwhile if you have a time and drive for that. If you become a CPA you will be much more valuable asset for any company.