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Top 25 five passenger cars under $3,000 worth to buy in 2013

Top 25 five passenger cars under $3,000

1999 Toyota AvalonCar Type:Full Size Sedan 4DEngine: V6, 3.0L, 200 hpFuel Economy: 19 City / 27 HwyDrive Type: FWDMileage:110,000 – 130,000Price Range:$2,100 – $2,800

Estimating used car value

Used cars are in tremendous demand, but it is always risky to purchase cheap old vehicle especially if budget is limited to $3,000 or less. Some cars tend to be more reliable and lose the value slower than other vehicles, but potentially with any 10 – 14 years old auto which has over 120,000 on odometer can be some problems and repair might be unavoidable. Our top 25 best used cars under 3,000 doesn’t mean you have to limit your options only to those car makes and models, but only give you an idea what can be purchased with such amount of money in your pocket. In addition, actual price often will depend on your ability to find a good car and negotiate the best deal with seller.