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Tips for first time tax preparers


Become a tax preparer

Become a tax preparer can be somewhat challenging, but definitely awarding. You can prepare federal individual income tax returns for a fee and have an additional source of income. If you are going to be a first time tax preparer, it is better to do through some other tax services company before actually working as a self-employed tax preparer. You will get valuable experience and won’t be along if you will have some difficulty with a particular case.

Should a tax preparer know every tax code in order to prepare tax returns

Even though tax preparer is not required to know every single tax code, but you do need to be comfortable with what they are doing, saying to clients, and know how to look for the information needed. There are lots of situations where you just must have an experience not only dealing with tax returns, but with clients as well.

What your body language might say about you

Sometimes if individuals see an unconfident tax preparer, many time they might get unsure themselves whether such person can do their taxes right. With all respect to everybody taxpayers want to get the most what they are eligible for. Moreover, if on one hand, it is understandable that everyone get nervous in a first place, but managing your emotions is essentially important while performing a good customer service. Therefore, every tax preparer must manage his stress in a first few minutes after meeting the client and then act as confident as he can.

Training your body language

You must train your face expression in order not to show the clients that you are not sure how to answer a certain question in case you are not 100% positive about it. It is crucial to learn how to look up for an answer quickly or how to say that you will get back to the customer as soon as you find out the exact answer for the question in order not to mislead him and retain their trust or respect to you. In addition, you need constantly communicate with your client and not just look in the computer screen. That way you will show your real interest and eager to help the taxpayers.

Disadvantages of being a tax preparer

When mostly you will get good and reasonable clients, but chances are that you must have to deal with few of not very nice taxpayers. Balancing between a good customer service and performing necessary due diligence in front of the IRS is extremely important and with some clients can be even hard. Some clients might try even manipulating tax preparers; therefore you should know how to handle such situations politely and not letting them influence your decisions. However, do not suspect any taxpayers in anything and make any conclusions before time. Even if someone might tell you something inappropriate, you should still keep polite conversation and ask further clarifying questions. Usually taxpayers have lack of tax law knowledge which might lead to their own errors and miscalculations.

Performing a good customer service

- Respect your clients’ time – everyone is in a hurry, so try to preparer the return as fast as you can. On the other hand, don’t forget about accuracy.

- Maximize your clients’ tax refund or minimize their tax due.

- Exceed your clients’ expectation. Try to do for them more than they expect from you. For example, even such simple thing as a client’s greeting can make a difference.

- Understand your customer’s needs. Taxpayers are especial type of customers where they must pay certain portion of their earning to the government. Those individuals must do so whether they want it or not, but some of them do not agree or understand that. Therefore, tax preparers should assist not only with preparation of their tax returns, but know how to speak with such individuals and explain the impact of each their decision.