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Sequoia National Park Travel


Sequoia National Park is very famous throughout the world for its giant sequoia trees and long caves. The Californian Sequoia forest is just gorgeous, no doubt about. The park has beautiful meadows, canyons, lakes, rivers, and creeks. In addition, it has lots of small and big hills and rocks. Their plants, vegetation, wild animals and birds are just amazing. This unspoiled treasure remains so many historical events because it used to be home for Native Americans for so many years.
To love the Sequoia National Park you need just one time to be there. In addition, this place for those who like to relax actively. There are so many things to see in winter, summer, fall, and spring. People just cannot get tired of that natural beauty. If you have more time to stay in the park then you will enjoy and explore it better and get even more satisfaction. There is no such a thing like the best period of the year to go to the forest. It is not enough to come to the park just once in lifetime because in winter, for instance, not all roads are open. Therefore, you cannot do many activities that can be done in other seasons of the year.

One of the best places in the United States

People come to the Sequoia National Park from all countries of the world in order to see majestic sequoia forest, including the General Sherman tree. It is one of the largest trees on earth. This enormous tree grows with other large Sequoia trees in the Giant Forest. Those trees are also among the biggest on earth. That’s why they are so special, popular, and desired to see by many individuals. In addition, the park located on the highest mountains. Visitors can watch spectaculars views of mountain peaks with snow and without, the park’s cascading creeks, flowering meadows, and wildlife.  This one-of-a-kind national forest will amaze you forever. After your trip to the park you will keep nice and warm memories and tell about your experience to others. In addition, tourists are allowed to take pictures and do video for their lifetime memories almost wherever they want.
Visitors who have just limited vacation time can get to know the forest better even from the car window and enjoy this timeless beauty. This amazing drive through the park will definitely inspire you. In addition to the famous Sequoia trees, the forest highway will let you see the park's spectaculars views on wide meadows, huge mountains, mighty rocks, awesome trees, bushes, and grasses.


What to expect in the park

When visitors arrive at the park, they should pay some fee for the entrance and usually they can get a copy of the park newspaper for the latest information on facilities and activities. There you will find the forest map which is very helpful if you are new to the area. In case you won’t get the newspaper then you should ask for it because you will visit many destinations according to that. It is especially helpful when you have some time restrictions.
Despite the fact that in the Sequoia National Park is many caves, but there is only one which you can visit so far. This cave tours normally start in early May. Therefore, if you are going to include this activity in your vacation plan, then it is better to come to the forest whether late spring or in the summer time. At the Foothills Visitor Center the ticket for a Crystal Cave tour can be purchased.
It is important to take different outfits and shoes because it can be warm and dry when you drive in the park and cold and wet with pool of water and snow on elevations. It is all the time colder on some higher points, such as mountains, than surrounding lowlands. In addition, visitors should be aware that some extreme altitudes over short distances with changing weather conditions can be dangerous and require special preparedness on the mountain roads. There is speed limits is pretty much low everywhere for the good reason which you cannot disregard under any circumstances.
There are no gas stations within the park. Therefore, it is a good idea to fill the tank right before you plan to drive in to the Sequoia National Park.

The park activities

Many tourists go on a ranger walk to look for wildlife and take tons of pictures near giant trees. In addition, there is the Tunnel Log which was made from fallen Sequoia tree. This especially interesting because it allows you to feel how enormously huge the tree was. Plus you can see the structure of that tree from inside. There also you can find Giant Forest Museum which contains so many exciting and informative events and history. Visitors may ask its staff some questions, directions, and recommendation on how to get maximum of your vacation time. When the snow will melt in Giant Forest (usually by May) some tourists might want to climb Moro Rock or hike out to Eagle View. Visitors also go up to Tokopah Falls in Lodgepole Village.

Things to consider

Be aware that nowadays in the forest ozone and other air pollutants are an increasing problem. The Park issues an air-quality index forecast which you can get in any visitor center. Usually ozone levels are highest from May to October. The Sequoia Park staff might warn you to restrict your activities there if the air quality index is very poor.
The Sequoia National as many other Parks have ticks (external parasites) which are common in foot hill and Kings Canyon grasses. They are dangerous because some percentage carry Lyme disease. It is necessary to check yourself after each walk in the forest or hiking. If you notice on your body something like that it should be removed immediately. Make sure that you will talk to your health care provider as well in case that happens .
Even though, the wildlife is very gorgeous, but don’t forget that you can watch it just from the distance for their and your own sake. Some rivers can be also dangerous because of their extremely fast current.
Enjoy your vacation in the Sequoia National Park safely!