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Sample job interview questions

While on a job interview you will get many open and close questions. Usually you will feel whether it is enough to say yes / no or when you need to be more detailed. Therefore, do not try to give a full answer if it is not necessary in certain circumstances. In most cases interviewers ask job related questions, but not always. For example, do not be too surprise if they question you about your childhood or to describe your best friend. This might give them a better idea on who you are, your personality, and behavior. Most common job interview questions are traditional when they will be interested in anything related to your education / experience and behavioral where you have to answer how you would handle certain situations at the work place. Generally it is better to answer on those questions your own opinion than to tell what looks like sound right.

Examples of traditional job interview questions

- tell me a little bit about your background

- why did you choose this career

- what do you like most about your profession

- from which job did you get the most valuable experience and why

- tell me about your previous employments

- what was the culture in the company you work for

- how would you describe your former employer

- how often your supervisor compliments you for the good work

- what are your strengths and weaknesses

- what do you know about our company

- why do you think that you might be a good fit for the position

- what inspires you in your professional life

- what is your most noticeable achievements

- why do you consider yourself a valuable asset for our company

- what professional certifications for you have

- when do you plan to get your professional certifications

- what is your goals in the next 5, 10, 15 years

- why do you consider yourself successful in your career

- how you stay current in your profession

- what do you like to do in your free time

Examples of behavioral job interview questions

- tell me about a time when you had a conflict with someone at your previous work place

- how many conflicts did you have in the past year

- how do you handle conflict situations with co-workers and customers

- how would you resolve a dispute when a client wants to make you guilty while it is clearly his fault

- what would you do to make an unreasonable and frustrated customer stop yelling

- how often your supervisor criticize you for not meeting the goals in a project

- tell me about the time when you was not able to meet a deadline

- what was your reaction on the criticism

- do you learn better from someone else’s mistakes or from your own

- do you learn better by making mistakes or not

- describe me the project you owned from the beginning to the end. What was the outcome

- how do you handle boring and repetitive tasts