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Pros and cons of having degree


For many people higher education is important, but it is definitely not for everyone. Success does not depend on a level of degree, but how person can apply knowledge to practice. For example, some undergrad students are able to pass the all four CPA exams from the first time and get certified while many graduate students fail to do so or even not dare to try.

Advantages of getting degree

- Improve and broader your overall knowledge and skills. Many people after they graduate do not read books because they cannot make themselves or find time for that.

- Have better chance to get a job. Hirers set higher and higher demands for each job position. Not qualifying resumes won’t be even seen by anyone.

- Qualify to get needed certification. To be eligible to sit for some certain exam or test, a candidate must meet necessary requirements. For example, CPA candidates should complete certain quantity of credit hours and have high overall GPA.

- Build connections and make friends while in institution. It is good to be in the place where many about equal people gather and can freely talk about business. There are many other places where people get together but usually they do not want to speak about anything other than general topics.

- Master professional communication skill both oral and written. When you speak to an individual, it is very noticeable whether he is educated person or not. Usually college gives outstanding communication skills which will benefit persons for the rest of their lives.

Disadvantages of having degree


Everything comes at cost. There usually is no need to spend thousands on education if wish to lead simple life and work on minimum wage. It is unwise to burden yourself for years just to have a nice graduation picture.



Even bachelor’s degree will take about 3 – 4 years of your life to receive a diploma. Before making any decision a person needs to make sure that he knows why the degree is important for him.

Risk of graduating with wrong degree

Many people especially teenagers do not really know what they are good at. That’s why it is hard to choose the right degree program which benefit them the most. For example, not everybody can be a successful and well paid doctor or software engineer. In addition, job market constantly changes and by the time you graduate, there might be too many people who hold the same degree.


While at school a student needs to devote his time to drilling and memorization. There won’t be much of time for social life and friends.

Kill creativity

Some people feel like educational institutions try to make from them society clones.

Start over thinking

To be successful the decisions must be made instantly. One project will work better while another one might not so good, but overall you will get profit more or less from each project. On the other hand, if a person will hesitate and start think too much on just one problem than the probability that he won’t finish it with the best possible results.