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Parenting pros and cons

Is it worth to have a child?

Now with today tough economy it is harder to answer the question whether it is worth to have a baby. There is no doubt, though, that children are happiness and future of our lives. They are a priceless gift. Having a baby home change us, our previous believes and values. For many people children bring more sense and satisfaction to their lives. They think that to live without kids is useless and worthless. Furthermore, many families feel that their houses are empty and not complete without having at least one child.

On the other hand, kids bring so many changes to our lifestyle. We become responsible not only for our own lives, but for our children’s as well. Parents have to make decisions not only for themselves, but for their offspring also. You need to spend a lot of time with your child and scarify your social life especially in the first few months after the labor. Over time parents get more worries about their kids. The old say the younger your children the less problems with them you will have. In addition, now it is getting more expensive to have a baby. Some people even compare what would you rather have a child or a car.

Issues with having children

Income issue might arise. Normally if you decided to have a baby you will need to give up one income at least for some period of time. Nowadays children are so expensive pleasure that not all people are comfortable or strong enough even to dream about having a child while they are still young. You need to think not only how to support you child now but how to give him an education and better future.

What you should expect if you decided to have a child?

Personal issues

You will have some or many sleepless nights and because of that you maybe even have problems with your husband. Your constant tiredness might frustrate you. Some mothers especially in the first few weeks after the labor start thinking that it might be better to be childless. The worse thing is that you might have a postpartum depression when you might be dangerous not only to yourself but for your child also.

Work issues

If you want to come back to work you need to think about hiring a nanny and where you can find a good one. You might be worry how your baby doing with someone else while you are away. Parents might have problems at work because of not being able to come there when their child is sick or something else happened to him or his caregiver.

Who are the most concern about child cost issues?

If low income families want to have a child, but can afford it, government programs will help. They cover not only the parents’ medical expense, but might assist with food, car seat and clothes. On the other hand, middle class families who are not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid, don’t have insurance at work and cannot afford to buy one are really might be in trouble.