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Losing weight on your own - advantages and disadvantages


Proper weight is one of essential parts of any appearance and health condition as well. Everyone wants to have a good look and be attractive to others. Even if it is not always the case, but still usually attractive people have better chance of making friends or be accepted for a job position. That’s why it is very important try not to gain any more pounds than you need to and lose extra if necessary. Of course, to get lighter is hard and oftentimes to melt at least few pounds can be extremely difficult for some people. On the other hand, usually if you try to find ways how to get rid of some excessive fat, but not reasons why you cannot do it, you will succeed.

What is more effective to lose weight on your own or with help of others?

Usually it doesn’t really matter whether you try to burn some pounds on your own or with a weight loss coach. It is your body and no one else know your needs better than you do. However, different people have different level of activities, life style, eating habits, and motivations. So, if you feel like you have strong enough personality to get rid of unwanted weight on your own then go ahead and do it. In contrast, if you hesitate for any reason that you might not have time for changes, do not know from where to start from or simply don’t feel like you will be able to do it on your own then ask for help from your friends, family or contact a weight loss program where their coaches hopefully will be helpful in your specific situation.

Advantages of losing weight on your own

Learn more about your body. Many people say that for their long memory works better to explore or test something on their own than hear that from someone else and forget about it almost right after.

Discover for free what effect weight gain and loss in your particular case. There is usually no difference whether you can monitor yourself and write notes if necessary about your findings and weight changes or a weight loss coach will do it for you.

Decide yourself which food is right for you. It is easy to read labels and calculate calories on your own anyway. You can reduce the amount of consumption, but not sacrifice the certain fare entirely. You will consume your loved meals without restricting yourself more than necessary.

Save money and time. If a person tries to lose extra weight alone, he/she won’t spend money for any programs and trips there. In addition, there won’t be a need to squeeze appointment times in a busy schedule.

Disadvantages of losing weight on your own

You might not be strong enough or ready for such big commitment.

Your own diet might be harmful for your health.

You might not make yourself to follow your own low calorie diet for a long time.

Home distractions might prevent you from reaching the set goals.