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Knit bobble stitch hat


Yarn - Bernat Handicrafter (color: cool grey) / medium 4 / 12 oz (340 g) / 608 yards (556 m) / less than 1 ball needed
Knitting Needles - Circular, 16", Size 3 (3.25 mm) or other size needles needed for the gauge
Hook - F/5 – 3.75 mm
Gauge - 17 sts go into about 4 inches (10 cm)
Hat Size - S/M (will fit average head circumference)
Complexity - Easy

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Knit a hat – bobble stitch hat knitting pattern

Round-by-round knitting instructions

To knit the hat, cast on 90 sts or multiples of 2 sts. Make your first loops loosely. You may choose any cast on methods you prefer. In the video, you see a long-tail cast on method. For that, wrap the yarn around your head loosely twice to know where to make the very first stitch/loop. Then add as many sts as necessary and stretch them from one point to point to begin knitting in the round.

1st round – k to end
2 and 3 rounds – k to end


4th round – [k1, p1] to end
5th round – [, p1] to end
Repeat the pattern starting from the 4th round


Add 18 sts to have 108 sts in total or multiples of 12 sts.
17th round – [k5, make a loop] to end

Bobble stitch

18th round – [k5, p1] to end
19 – 24 rounds = 18th round
25th round – [k5, k7b] to end
26th round – k2, p1, [k5, p1] to last 3 sts; k3
27 – 32 rounds = 26th round
33rd round – k2, k7b, [k5, k7b] to last 3 sts; k3
Repeat the pattern starting from 18th round.


58th round – [k2tog, p1, (k2tog) x 2, k3tog, k2tog] to end
59th round – k1, p1, [k5, p1] to last 4 sts; k4
60 – 64 rounds = 59th round

Knit using double pointed needles

65th round – k1, k7b, [k5, k7b] to last 4 sts; k4
66th round – k4, p1, [(k2tog) x 2, k3tog, (k2tog) x 2, p1] to last 1 st; k1
67 – 72 rounds – [k4, p1, k1] to end
73rd round - [k4, k7b, k1] to end
74th round – k2tog to end until you cover up the hole

Cut the yarn and secure it.


[ ] – repeat
k – knit
k7b – knit into 7th stitch below
k#tog – knit two or three sts together
p – purl – slip stitch – slide one stitch to the working needle without knitting it (keep the yarn behind your work)
st – stitch


Knit a hat - bobble stitch hat knitting pattern