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Knit a hat for a woman


Yarn - Bernat Sheep(ish) (color: DARK RED) / medium 4 / 3 oz (85 g) / 167 yards (153 m) / less than 1 ball needed
Knitting Needles - Circular, 16", Size 3 (3.25 mm) or other size needles needed for the gauge
Gauge - About 17 stitches go into 4 inches
Hat Size - S/M
Complexity - Easy

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Knit a woman’s ribbed hat - double braid stitch
Step-by-step knitting instructions
Step 1
Cast on 90 stitches or multiples of 5 stitches
Step 2
1st round – knit to end
2nd round = 1st round
3rd round – [p1, k4] to end
4, 5, & 6 rounds = 3rd round
7th round – [p1, crL1, crR1] to end
Repeat the pattern starting from the 3rd round.
Step 3
56th round – p1, [k4, p1, k3, k2tog] to end
57th round – [crL1, crR1, p1, crL1, crR1] to end
58th round – k3, [k2tog, k7] to last 6 sts; k2tog, k4
60th round – [k5, k2tog] to end
61st round – [k4, k2tog] to end
62nd round – [k3, k2tog] to end
63rd round – [k2, k2tog] to end
64th round – [k1, k2tog] to end
65th round – k2tog to end
Step 4
Finish up
k3tog, cut the yarn, and secure it from inside of the hat.


crL - cross stitches to the left - slide a knit st from a left knitting needle on an additional needle or pin and place it in the front of your work, then knit the following stitch. After that, slide the st from the extra needle to the left one again and knit it.
crR - cross stitches to the right - slide a knit st from a left knitting needle on an extra needle and place it in the back of your work, knit the next stitch. Slide the st from the additional needle to the left one again and knit it.
k - knit
k2tog - knit 2 stitches together
p - purl
st - stitch


How to knit a hat - double braid stitch