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Job search tips

To find a job, make yourself marketable. For example, it is good to get at least an associate or bachelor’s degree. Ideally it is perfect to have a state certification, but at least some education might be sufficient for certain job positions. Think also which job qualities an employer might require from applicants. For example, different employers use different software for a certain job position, but knowing at least one will give you a better idea how work others. In addition, it will be easier for you to pick up the knowledge of the software along the way while working there.

Moreover, after gaining qualification needed for the position, learn how to present yourself. Self-marketing is as important as gaining required knowledge and experience for the job you applied for. Furthermore, employers might hesitate to hire a person who has trouble to presenting himself. It is all about marketing, in all position levels employees should market a company they work for as one of their multitasking abilities they expected to have. So, if you won’t prove to the hiring manager that you are valuable worker, the chances of getting the job are minimal.

Some employers require knowing second language, such as Spanish. So, if you are not fluent in Spanish it is better to take some Spanish courses or make a friend who can speak the language.

You should understand that many employers usually don’t have time, money or much of a wish to teach you everything from scratch especially in the period when there is huge workforce available on the job market of already trained and experienced workers. Just think why they need to spend their time with an inexperienced job applicant if they can get a person who could come and work right away. Put yourself in their shoes, you wouldn’t probably also want to hire someone who will slow down your business even for a short period of time.

How to get an experience for a job?

There are many ways where you can find companies for getting some work experience if you have time for volunteering. For example, many not-for-profit organizations, such as churches might allow you to help them in their accounting department. Take advantage of it whenever you can.

During the tax season you can volunteer for free tax preparation organization and learn professional tax preparation software ProSeries which might give you an opportunity to work next season for a for-profit company and be paid.

Apply for a temporary jobs when stores hiring seasonal workers to help handling holiday sales. For example, if you would get such temporary cashier position you would have better chance to get a bank teller position, for instance. Then once you are there it would be easier to move up the ladder. Don’t forget that valuable employee should be deep and broad to succeed in his career. Therefore, don’t think that some positions are too low or embarrassing to handle. Think that it is much worse to be without a job for a long time.