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Is it worth it to go to college - does the education worth the money spent?

Is it worth going to study?

The short answer to this question is yes in most cases. Despite the tough job market now, but it is generally more chances to get job with education than without it. No one can tell you that your study will be easy. You would have to spend lots of hours drilling your lecture notes, do homework, and other assignments. Commuting time is also huge overall. The financial side might be an issue at any point. Even your relationship may be hard for you while pursuing your desired degree.

Why concern about education has raised?

Nowadays many students and their parents think that they pay more for less return. When sometimes it is true that maybe tuition are way too high already and have tendency for increasing, but education in general very useful and worthwhile if you have reasonable attitude to that.

How to be successful at school?

In order to do well in school and work you need to be motivated, strong, and wise. In addition, confidence and persistence also play huge role in your success. All people have different values in their lives and some people want to think only about present time while others want to have better life not only now but always. They plan everything ahead and set some priorities over others. It is wise to ask your family for help not only financially, but, for example, to run to buy some groceries for you or help watch for your kids (if any). Do things of that nature.

Don’t expect that professors will learn materials for you. They are guiding you and point you out on some small but necessary detail, but it is your responsibility to spend quality time on studying. People are different and have different styles of studying the same as all professors are different and have different styles of teaching. Therefore, it is important to know yourself and read review what other students write about professors in order to get a good match.

What to expect after your graduation?

You shouldn’t give up if it is hard to find your first job right after college graduation. Some students search for the job according to their majors even for few years and in almost all states. While it is important to find some work place as soon as possible in order to sustain yourself, but it is also necessary to look for a job according to your education. Women have less salary than men after earning equal educational degree. People all the time fight for equal rights for everyone, but still after college graduation women almost all professions will get less salary compare to men wages with the same educational level. Historically it was that way when normally all women staid home and raised children while men worked. Now when women start to work the same hours and undertake the same tasks as men they still earn normally less.