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Is it better to eat out or cook at home?


Eating home - health benefits

Eating home is usually healthier than to eat out. One thing is certain that you know which ingredients you use to make a meal. In addition, you also will have peace in mind that everything is fresh and from reliable sources. For example, if you are allergic to a certain ingredient you can just omit that (if it is all possible) and still enjoy the dish you love. You won’t be concern about hygienic issues either.

Eating out - big portion sizes concern

Many restaurants cook also healthy food, but they have usually standard portion sizes. Those portions are commonly huge and might not work for everybody. For example, a big portion size may be perfect for a person with good metabolism or high activity level. On the other hand, for an individual who is concern about his weight loss and on a diet it may not be a good choice. In fact, some people might think that it is waste of money to go out if you are not able to eat even half of the portion you order. Our mentality “if I don’t use it, I will lose it” might lead us to unwise decisions about the food consumption.


Eating out - overeating concern

In addition, those huge portion sizes may encourage excessive consumption of food where a person will eat more than necessary. When a person pays for all the food, the big chances are that he will consume all of that even though he might satisfy his hunger after eating just some portion of the amount. Everyone wants to minimize waste and take the maximum from every dollar spent. On the other hand, huge food consumption might make our stomach upset. Moreover, with some time when a person constantly eats lots of food his stomach gets bigger and will be able or trained to digest more food. This might lead to obesity and other health problems in some individuals. Nowadays weight gain is not only adults problem, children’s obesity is an issue on rise as well.

Is it better to eat homemade lunches or eat out?

This depends on what you can prepare for lunches and where you can store that to keep it safe for your further consumption. It is usually not good for your health to make everyday peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. However, if you made some varied and balanced food for your lunches daily, properly store, and warm it up then those food choices would be better for your wellbeing. In addition, it could be very cost friendly to you as well.

For whom eating out is better

Despite all of the benefits of eating home, for some professions that require lots of traveling, eating out will be one of the best solutions. For example, a truck driver will definitely get tired of eating same sandwiches and can food for few days in a row. That’s why in some instances eating out might be just essential. This is especially the case if the storage of food is an issue. Remember that your health is much more valuable than few bucks saved.