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Interior door replacement cost


How much does it cost to replace an interior door?

Total expenses including labor, cost of a new door and all additional expenditures vary from $90 for smaller bi-folds and standard installation to about $2,000 for a 60” wide mahogany with tempered glass pre-hung double door and complex on site work performance. It is not a highest price and in some cases total cost for a handcrafted solid exotic wood door, material and labor might exceed $3,000, but it is not typical and very low percent of customers can invest a few thousands in single interior door replacement.

Average prices for interior doors

Standard 6’-8” high and 24” wide primed bi-fold doors are normally available in stock at local home improvement retailer or can be ordered online for about $30 - $40. Prepare to spend $110 - $270 on average for up to 36” in width pre-hung left or right-hand interior door. Pocket doors including frame and slab normally 20% - 40% more expensive.

Sliding 60” x 80 1/2” mirror door with wood frame cost $290 - $360 but on the lowest end you can buy white flush bypass door for less than $200.

Additional options and materials expenses

Normally all doors come with all necessary parts for proper installation. But extra $30 - $50 can be spent buying accessories including door locks, knobs, handles and door stops separately because normally it doesn’t come with a door. Some high quality doors can be ordered with everything included in one box, but the price will be higher and buying hardware separately according to house design and door style particularly is more preferable solution.

Depending on a door type and overall dimension extra $20 - $50 can be spend on primed 2 1/4” wide light weight polyurethane trim. Stylish prefinished walnut door casing will have a higher price and might cost as much as $1.5 per liner foot.

Labor cost

Carpenter will calculate labor cost for an interior door replacement depending on work complexity. At the lowest end labor can be estimated at $80 - $90 for simple demolishing and installing a new pre-hung door excluding any additional charges. Door locks installation will cost extra $20 - $40. Expenses will be significantly higher for reframing the door openings, finishing walls and stylish custom trims installation. All additional work associated with door replacement won’t be estimated based on per each door but will depend on time spent to complete certain task and hourly rate of an installer which might go up $50 per hour.

Replacing a few interior doors at a time will be cheaper per door comparing to hiring a carpenter for a single door replacement. Homeowners can expect to get up to 10% discount from regular contractor’s charge on labor for replacing all doors in the house.

Estimating time

Standard pre-hung door replacement normally will be completed by experienced installer in 3 – 4 work hours. Bi-fold doors normally much faster to replace and time can be reduce to less than one hour. Opening wall for installing frame and new tracks prior to hanging pocket door might take couple days to complete the work including finishing and painting drywall and new door.

Hire professional or do it yourself

Many homeowners with basic carpentry skills might perform standard door replacement as do it yourself project following step by step installation instructions and in case of successful work performance will be rewarded with saving at least $80 per each door. For replacing high end expensive door it is better to hire experience installer to make sure the work will be done right.