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Importance of controlling your stress

Stress in our life

The rule of thumb is small children small problems, big kids big problems. Our worries increase with age. The smaller we are the fewer problems we have or at least someone else may solve them instead. However, with years we start to be responsible not only for our own life, but for our kids as well. Then again our strains rise with age of our children. The bigger our children get the more headaches about them we have.

Reactions on stress

Every day everyone has more or less of some stressful situations. It is impossible to avoid them, but it is important to learn how to manage reactions on such events and know your own limits. This is very important for your own good and health. Normally people cope some level of stress according to their characters. If a person has calm individuality than reaction on that will be also in most cases mild. Usually he resolves the issue with cool head. On the other hand, intense personality might make even a bigger problem from the small one. However, disregarding of everything people who are under constant pressure might react totally unexpectedly on some difficulties.

Why people have stress

Causes of stress can be different, such as problems at work (deadlines, demands, and promotions) or home (hassles, relationships, illness). Symptoms also vary among people. Few common symptoms of stress might be tense in your chest, overwhelmed, and irritability. If you have such feeling then it is better to try calm down yourself as much as you can. Try to relax or go to bed at that day earlier and think that tomorrow will be a new and better day without any troubles. If it doesn't work or you have too much of everything in one period of time than can handle, contact your health care provider and ask for advice and/or even maybe some stress release medicine. Each time you are nervous and under pressure your body pays its price for that. So, the question is whether it is worth that.

Side effects of stress

Since health depends a lot on level of strain a person has, it is very important to low your worries and fears as much as possible. Even if you cannot feel sometimes any symptoms, but stress do lots of harm to your mind and body, such as help develop different diseases (high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, headaches, indigestion). For your nervous system even to be offend on someone is harmful. In addition, if you have too much of stressful situations your hair might even start to turn grey earlier or fall which even worse. Plus, if you have too many pressures regularly you body gets tired of it and your immune system might be in danger as well. This might leads to low resistance to colds and other infections. The most horrible thing about it is that stress like a silent killer ruins your organism slowly.

Advantages of having stress

The only positive thing about stress might be that under the pressure for short period of time a person might perform better and to show his/her best. In addition, some people have ability to lose some weight while resolving some difficult issues. On the other hand, some individuals gain extra pounds if they nervous too much because they start to eat more during that time.

Medical Disclaimer

The author is not a doctor and the information in the article is general in nature with no medical advises given or imply. Talk to your doctor, nurse or medical advisor how to treat health related problems.