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Hybrid cars disadvantages


Life of the battery

Hybrid car is a vehicle that works on gasoline and electric motors in conjunction with each other. Therefore, your peaceful and trouble free driving of the auto depends a lot on the life of the battery. Even though the manufacturers give some decent warranty on that, your chances are that you need to replace the battery in about 8 years or purchase a new auto for your own safety.


Price of the hybrid vehicle might raise concern in many potential buyers when it comes to cost efficiency issues in a long run. Depending on manufacturer, make and model, the cost of hybrids might be higher compare to regular conventional gas-powered car and range between a few thousand of dollars and even higher. Therefore, the purchase of hybrid vehicle for drivers who are not going to drive it for a long time might not be wise if you are buying the car with only one purpose to save on gas. Your gas savings might not cover the cost you paid for the hybrid. For example, if you spend about $2,000 a year on gas while driving a conventional vehicle and with the hybrid you will hopefully cut your fuel consumption cost by 30% - 40%, than you need to drive a car at least few years or more in order to make approximately equal expenses with what you would spend if you bought the conventional vehicle depending on how many miles you drive a year. In other words, for drivers who use their cars just to drive few miles a day to work and run some groceries once a week might not be a good idea to purchase the vehicle because your cost may overweight your benefits unless it is your own preference thing.

Heavy weight

For some drivers it might be an issue that the car cannot go very fast and has somewhat lower acceleration while for others won’t. On the other hand, if a driver consistently drives on highways with higher speed limits the hybrid might not be the best choice for him because fuel efficiency of any hybrid won’t be great with such use of the car.


Chance of getting electrocuted

Even if you are very careful driver and was lucky enough not to have any car accidents before there is no guaranty that you won’t have it. Unfortunately, there is all the time risk on the road because of someone’s reckless driving and a potential threat the vehicle to be damaged. When a hybrid vehicle is involve in a car accident the chance to driver and passengers to get electrocuted higher comparing to cars with gasoline or diesel engines only.

Maintenance and repair

Even though, the hybrid doesn’t require much more maintenance than regular conventional vehicle, but expense of having to use mechanic that specializes in hybrids might raise an issue for some drivers. Because of more complex mechanism, cost to repair hybrid vehicle might be higher comparing to conventional cars.