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Hybrid cars advantages


A hybrid vehicle has a traditional gas-powered engine, electric motor and a battery which creates the two powerful forms of energy. Vehicle owners don’t need to charge the battery from their homes or any other charging stations because it charges while you drive your car. The cost that you save on not installing the special home electric outlet compare to electric vehicles will affect your purchase decision significantly.

Fuel savings

With hybrid vehicles you will be able to make mileage per one gallon of gas even up to two times more compare to regular conventional gas-powered autos. You can get the greatest savings while driving in city traffic or without speeding on relatively short distances. This is especially good for taxi drivers who drive in the city a lot making lots of short stops in order to pick up or drop off passengers. In addition, if you drive in mild weather conditions and don’t have too much of hills or valleys in your area, you’ll get better mileage as well.

Don’t use fuel

There is also huge benefit that this type of vehicle doesn’t use fuel while on stop lights or parking. When the car is stopped for a few seconds the gas engine is shut down automatically. There is no starter as conventional vehicles have because that doesn’t need it and gas engine will start working when more power needed to move the vehicle. Even though mechanism is complex inside, driver doesn’t feel the difference with motor is running.

Environmentally friendly

The hybrid vehicles are more environmentally friendly compare to regular gas-power autos because they produce fewer fumes. This is mainly because gas engine is working only part time. You can enjoy and have peace in mind about saving our planet.


Since there are two engines, the gas motor has less wear compare to regular conventional vehicle. In addition, when you slow down your vehicle to a stop, the electric engine slows the car taking much of the strain of the brakes. Therefore, you might need to change your hybrid vehicle braking system less often.


Maintenance and repair

Maintenance of the hybrid vehicle is as any other regular conventional car. The electric engine doesn’t require any special care. Other advantage of the hybrid vehicle is that require less oil changes per year. You need to do some regular routine cleaning from time to time. Even though, maintenance might be not an issue and similar to conventional vehicles, repair, if any happened, might be costly because more complicated hybrid car mechanism itself.

Manufacturers’ warranty

Manufacturers give their warranty on the hybrid vehicle battery for 8 years or 80,000 – 100,000 miles depending on producers. On the other hand, potential buyers should make sure that they understand that this coverage is only for the battery and hybrid related components alone. They have different warranty period for all the rest parts of the vehicle. Typically powertrain, corrosion or basic warranty periods of hybrid vehicles are no different from the conventional gasoline operated vehicles from same manufacturer.