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How to write a term paper

Term paper writing tips.

Students have term papers in almost every single class they take especially on the grad level. Therefore, it is important to learn how to write them good and fast in order to get the highest grade possible for your hard work.

Importance of choosing a right topic

First of all you need to choose the right topic of your course project if you will be allowed to have a choice. It is all the time better to write about something what you are familiar with. After that you may begin your thorough research which will help you to create an outline showing how your paper will be presented. It is very important to create the logical order of the project content which you can derive from the thesis statement. The content of your term paper should be subdivided into sections derived from the outline. Good outlines will speed up your writing process significantly.

Introduction of the project

You should start the course project with an introduction. Any introduction should be based upon a well-formed thesis statement. Give some background of the chosen topic. Write about importance of the chosen subject.

Main content - problem identification and solutions to that

Main content will include defining, analyzing the problem, and evaluating the possible solutions to that. You need to identify the problem, its impact and possible solutions to solve it. Make sure you include among others point of view on the situation your own suggestion about the appropriate ways to solve the identified problem or issue, and describe what you feel might be the best alternatives. Be aware that your own thoughts are very important for most of professors because they want to know your opinion and not only what others wrote many times about it already.

Be sure, however, that these solutions are logical based on your findings and analysis. It is also important to proof that they will effectively treat the problem or issue identified, but not just the symptoms of that. If possible, it is good to mention the anticipated outcomes (both positive and negative) of implementing each of the possible solutions you suggested. Be specific as much as you can on how and why your solution will solve the identified problem.

Conclusion and references

The conclusion should be presented after the main content of your text and summarize the previously presented information. They are not supposed to be too long. Then you should describe the sources (make a proper bibliography) you will be using to conduct your research and analysis. Make sure that you are using right and proper ones. Many instructors might say that you cannot use in your reference list such site as Wikipedia, for example, because no one knows who are those authors of the articles and whether the information taken from their factually accurate.

Citation and plagiarism

Make proper citations along your wring process in order to avoid to be accused in plagiarism which might result in losing all your points for the course project or even up to dismissing from the school.

Remember that the greatest value in any course project comes from applying the theories, concepts, and principles learned during your face – to - face class-meetings and explored by working on your home assignments to real-life situations and issues.