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How to search for a job?

How people get a job fast?

Most candidates can get a job fast if they have a “good” uncle or spouse who could help them. Luck pays also very important role in your job hunting. To be lucky enough to knock in the door in the right place and in the right time is very rare opportunity. However, don’t solely relay on your luck alone. Be social and meet people who could advise you something or maybe even recommend you to their employers.

How to manage your time to make your job searching more productive?

Sending thousand resumes can be time consuming to the point that you may feel that it is not only like a full time job, but even with overtimes one, but for which you are not getting anything. When you cannot get a job not only in weeks, but in months, the question might arise – is it even worth my time and efforts? However, how frustrated you might be don’t ever give up. Instead rather …

- You should change you tactic - concentrate more on quality of your search rather than on quantity.

- Improve your attitude to the search process- show to your potential employers that you are very adoptable and can be one of them as a strong team player. Try to answer interview questions mostly that they want to hear.

- Update your resume and cover letter - adjust your resume according to certain job specifications whenever possible.

For example, if you applying for an entry level position and a hiring company requires just a high school diploma, it might be a good idea to remove from your resume your Master’s degree (if you have one). That way you won’t look overqualified for the position.
If you maybe not that lucky with your job search so far, but you will still be getting many phone calls with potential invitations to on-site job interviews. Make sure that before even scheduling any in person interviews you will be comfortable enough with the company that invited you. In other words, be sure that it will be well worth your time spent there and for commuting. Agreeing to any job interviews will lead you in many cases just to wasting your time and money. Therefore, ask them whether they really have an open position that you applied for or they just want to see you and meanwhile offer you some position you won’t be interesting in.

You spend so much time and money to get your education that it might not be wise to agree for any position right away that you might be offered if it is not even related with your field of study anyhow. From one hand, you definitely should be open minded, listen what other people say and offer, but try to recognize between what they tell and that they really mean. Don’t listen too long if you feel that you won’t benefit from the conversation anyhow. While being rude is not acceptable, but politely saying that you not interested is fine. Think about yourself first and your interests only then about all the rest.