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How to save on tile installation


Save on tile materials

First idea that comes on homeowners’ mind when it comes to saving on tile materials is to purchase somewhere it for cheap. Where to buy not expensive tile? This is an easy and hard question at the same time. At first it seems like homeowners have lots of choices. They can purchase it in retail store whenever they will offer some sale on it. Wholesalers now can sell materials even not very big volumes for their special prices. You can by on-line and save on sale taxes in most cases.
On the other hand, it is a hard process because you need to spend time to do some research where in your area will be more beneficial for you to make such purchase. It is better though to visit retailers’ and wholesalers’ websites to check the prices or call them before actually heading there. That way you will save your time and money on gas as well.

Save on labor

Second way to save on tile installation is to know whom to hire to perform the work. Even with today economy on the job market inviting cheap installer to do the work is still like a gambling. You might find honest and decent guy who will do quickly and fine or you can get just troubles on your head. Therefore, it is better to ask your friends and relatives to give you some recommendations the people they used to hire to tile floors. That way you might not save much on labor, but at least avoid opportunity cost, such as future repairs and replacements of tile.

You might consider tiling your floor yourself. If you know how to or at least be comfortable enough to operate a tile saw then you will be good to perform the work as a do it yourself project. Tiling itself isn’t as scary and hard as it seems if you have time for that. You can watch few video tutorials which are available for free on many home improvement sites or YouTube.

Save on demolishing of the old floor

You can definitely do demolishing by yourself and even not necessary need to pay for the dumpster. You can put everything from the old floor and subfloor (if necessary) to the garbage bags, but you need to put it in the garbage for pickup no more than few at a time.

Saving on grouting

Even if you go with hiring a professional installer, you can still grout the tile yourself. You should just follow manufacturers installation instructions and watch the work how others do that.

Run “what if” scenario

Trying to save is very important for many families in today tough economy. However, it is wise to evaluate all pros and cons of your decisions. For example, if you see some problem what-if it is a symptom of a bigger one. What-if you won’t be able to prepare your subfloor good enough and tile will be damaged with time because of that. How you going to hand that? Ask yourself as many question as possible in order to be more ready and responsive to many different situations before tiling the floor.