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How to remodel a bathroom


How to remodel a bathroom might be not a simple question for many homeowners. From deciding on design to choosing a remodeling contractor or even consider to remodel yourself there are many factors should be analyzed in order to perform bathroom remodeling successfully.

Set up you budget

How much you are willing to spend is a prior factor to start any renovation project. Do not plan go big if the budget is limited. Bathroom remodeling cost always will be the amount set by a homeowner and there are no exceptions. Custom work and high end quality bathroom fixtures might increase the total cost a few times in comparison with a standard option. Only financial resources will determine what can be done, and very often, how quality the work will be as the result.

Decide on design

No matter it is a complete bath remodeling or just partial rejuvenation always make it clear how and what has to be done. It is essentially important to plan well on every single detail - from choosing a desire bathtub dimensions to picking a right finish for shower faucet which will match the décor. For complete bathroom remodeling, especially if it will require major changes in layout it is better to have a drawings with all details ready before actual work begins.

Find who will perform the work

Choosing a professional contractor should be on the top of priorities. It is not the best option to make a decision based on lowest possible bid. Typically estimates from different licensed and fully insured contractors who will provide with written warranty will not very significantly for the same scope of a work. Local handymen might be good for some small repairs. But trying to cut labor cost to minimum might be not the smartest approach while investing money in custom bathroom fixtures along with expecting to get a high quality work performance.


Consider do it yourself

Typically partial bathroom remodeling which will not require redoing plumbing, electricity or moving walls to expend the size of a bath can be done by a homeowner who possesses basic home improvement skills and feel comfortable to operate power and hand tools. There some steps to follow in case of performing renovation by self.

From what to start on a bathroom remodeling

Begin the bath renovation from isolating the working area. Ignorance of dust and dirt might cause not only facing a long lasting cleaning afterwards but might damage some household stuff, such as electronics. Before starting on demolishing always locate the main water valve and check if it works properly. Find out which circuit breakers on the electric panel control the power supply to the bathroom. Never play with power lines or external fixtures while electricity is on. Always think which items you are planning to save and start getting them out from the bath first in order not to damage while working on demolishing.

Plumbing and electricity

After demolishing you need to complete all plumbing and electrical work. There is always a good idea to hire a licensed plumber and electrician to make sure the work will be done properly and according to local building codes. Plumber also will install a bathtub and after everything will be done with walls and floor come back to finish up with faucets, all drains, and toilet, but if you want to cut the labor cost you can do it yourself. After everything will be done in the walls and under the floor it is a time for a framing, drywall, fixing the floor and backer boards installation to start on tiling.

Tile and flooring

Tiling might be not as simple project as it seems. While standard straight pattern using 12 x 12 ceramic tile if not a complicated task, custom design with incorporating mosaic tile or even installation of tile medallion might require skills and experience. After flooring and walls completed, including grout application, it is a good idea to paint a ceiling and apply one coat of paint on the walls.

Finishing up

Installation of all bathroom fixtures including cabinet or vanity, toilet, and faucets are last remaining steps in the whole process. If it will be a custom made stone countertop the fabricator usually will install sink at no labor charge. There is always a good idea to put towel racks, cover plates for electrical switches and outlets along with light fixtures after the finish coat of paint applied. You might need to seal the stone tile and bathroom counter. After paint and sealer dry you are ready to clean everything and enjoy the work which is well done.