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How to raise child unspoiled

This question is all the time hard to answer for many parents. When they see their first treasure finally arrived they cannot stand just to cuddle and care for him. It is an understandable feeling of love and protection, but sometimes they go over the board by giving the child everything without asking anything instead. World aren’t working that way and children should feel it from the age they can understand something or when they start to speak.

If your infant crying and demanding what he wants it is one thing and in most cases normal because this is the only way of his communications. Your child in such an early age does not manipulate you. However, when he grow older and can express his needs then you should start worry whether you are not overprotecting him or whether he is not over rely on you. He should be comfortable with other people not only with you around. Your child should be nice and polite to everyone.

Definitely all children even in their early years have different personalities. Some kids are calm and observable, while others are ruling and demanding. Therefore, you should spend with your little one quality of time and explain things to him. Parents should teach him not only safety things, but how to act in public, with other kids and adults. Parents should never ignore their child. For example, if he did something inappropriate, you should punish him by not letting him do things he likes or wants. You can take away a toy for awhile or not let him play with kids one time. Know your child and it will help you to manage him better. Never say things you are not going to do. If you warn him many times that he want get a candy if he won’t eat food that is good for his health and then next thing you give him one once he makes first request, your words and warning will be useless.

Of course, even with a perfect discipline one day won’t look like the other one. Therefore, it is normal to have up and down in your child’s mood and behavior. Even you act differently from day to day, so just be patient and show your care and support to your little one. When you show him your love, you should show him your frustration if he misbehaves. However, you don’t need to yell at him because it will do any good neither for him nor for you. By yelling you are showing him your weakness and sort of like child’s behavior which is definitely not a good example at all from your side.

You should also set some rules in the family. However, you should also be consistent and follow them. For example, if you want your child to teach not to leave his shoes in a door way, then you shouldn’t leave there yours and if he forgets make him to put it where supposed to be. It is very important not to let anything go or pretend that you didn’t see something this time. He might hope that you won’t notice anything following time also. The same rule should be set with taking away toys after he is done playing or books after he’s finished reading.