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How to prepare to the job interview?

To find a job is always a hard and time consuming process. That’s why it is better to start this search as early as possible. When sending thousands of resumes to multiple employers is still a good idea, but you should do it wisely without wasting your time. Put quality on top of your priority and then go with quantity. Consider this step in your life as opportunity which can impact the rest of your career. Take it seriously and as a full time job.

The hiring companies most likely contact first those candidates who are most closely matching their requirements. That’s why before even sending resumes you should read certain job description very carefully to find out what they really want from an ideal candidate and whether it is worthwhile to adjust your resume accordingly to their requirements if applicable. Since now everything computerized they don’t even read all resumes any longer. Recruiters and hiring departments will read only those resumes which were selected by their computer system. Therefore, if you see that you might not qualify for a position, don’t even bother yourself with sending the resume because the probability that no one see it is very high anyway.

In case you meet most of the hiring company primary requirements, make sure that you adjust your resume accordingly whenever applicable to each job description. For example, if they list some qualifications and you have them. In addition, be sure that your resume and cover letter are errors free and well written. Those documents contain all the necessary and relevant information about your qualifications accordingly to the job specifications you are applying for.

Be prepared to the job interview

Once you selected on the interview, be prepared for it in order to make a positive impression. Find some information about the hiring company on their web site to make yourself familiar with what they do and what you potentially will be dealing with. This should give you some ideas how to act in front of a hirer. You should show to your potential employer that you are adoptable and can be one of them.

Make a list of your own questions for them in order to show your interest in a position they offer. After the interview don’t forget to follow up. Write a thank you letter to a hiring manager. This will confirm your increased interest in them.

If you have a phone interview make sure you can answer the phone right away. It is a good idea to carry with you a piece of paper and a pan in case you need to write down something quickly. If you cannot pick up the phone for any reason then call them back as soon as you can. Employers won’t wait long and contact other candidates. Even if you get back to them in just a few hours it might be too late. Therefore, everything should be done in timely manner and on a high level as professional world requires.

Your appearance is matter

Make sure you had a good night sleep before the interview in order to answer their questions on a high level. Dress appropriately. Usually people make their first judgment about you accordingly to your appearance and then based on your skills and abilities. Usually potential employers are not looking to see you in the most expensive dress or suit, but it should well fit on you and according to the weather.