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How to minimize arguments with a spouse?


People have always good and not so much pleasant days. We all know that our lives consist of white, gray, and dark stripes and no one can avoid it. Some things or happening beyond our control. That’s why persons should enjoy most of white moments and handle decently dark periods in lifetime as much as possible in order not to upset their close ones. Relationship is always difficult for any couple no matter how long they know each other.

In order not to lose valuable connection and/or save marriage, watch for your spouse reactions, responses, or behavior. Under certain circumstances people might say what they do not actually mean or may commit something that the persons will later regret about. Try to minimize interaction or discussions with your loved one when he/she experiences the following:

Not in the mood

Our good or bad mood depends on many factors. Sometimes cause of horrible feelings is obvious, but oftentimes people do not know themselves why they feel blue. For example, if a person has some troubles at work, it is understandable that no one can stay calm and happy under such circumstances. On the other hand, an individual might get up from a bed from a wrong side which might make him/her irritable for the whole day.


Women’s behavior change during the menstrual periods. Different girls bear those days unalike, but commonly all females are more irritable, arguable, and annoyed. They aggravate even small problem or situation. A woman is not able to regulate her anger properly during those days.


People who have early symptoms of depression might not even admit the problem. They do not seek for help whatsoever. The individuals even try to hide this condition from their spouses in order not to worry them. Depression is one of many strong causes that might ruin your relationship.

Illness or fatigue

You might notice that each time after work your spouse come back home annoyed, irritable, or angry. Everything and everyone seems like frustrate and overwhelm people in such condition.


Usually people are not at their best behavior when they want to eat. Hungry individuals cannot concentrate on anything because they constantly think about what in a refrigerator is or certain type of food.


Typically when we have our dark stripes of life, all sorts of issues come together. Problems can be at work with a co-worker, supervisor, and client or at school with a classmate, professor, or assignment.

Work environment

Employees who are not handling well fast past and stressful business environment are unhappy and miserable at work.


In health care world, when providers do their budgeting and projections, expect even more patients in the hospital when the moon changes. Usually people who have weaker nervous system are more at risk of this happening. Even though the relation of these is obvious, but the cause is still not fully known.


Humans aging also reflect significantly on their behavior. With years men and women become wiser, but physically and emotionally weaker. Their responses on stimuli might be unpredictable and different each time.