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How to make a handmade button for a cardigan

handmade buttons on women’s cardigan

Materials used - Thick plastic, Piece of aluminum
Yarn - Caron Simply Soft / Medium 4
Hook - US F (3.75 mm) or 1 (2.75mm)
Button size - 25mm, 1in.
Complexity - Easy

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Handmade buttons
Step-by-step instructions
Step 1
Trace a penny (coin) on a pretty thick plastic piece.
Step 2
Cut the circle out.
Step 3
Mark two lines on the middle of the plastic circle.
Step 4
Punch holes along lines using a push pin. That way it will be easier to make bigger and even holes.
Step 5
Make larger holes using small scissors.
Step 6
Bend an aluminum piece in half and insert both ends into the wholes on the plastic circle.
Step 7
Wrap the aluminum ends around the circle edges.
Step 8
Crochet a slightly bigger circle compare to the plastic circle for the cover.
Cut a piece of yarn and separate it in half to make the yarn twice thinner.
Create a short foundation chain, connect the first and last stitches together, and work single crochet until you shape a circle.
Step 9
Place the button beneath the crochet circle and begin to close up. Insert the hook into a second chain stitch from your hook, grab the yarn, and pull it through both stitches. Continue the process for few rounds.
Step 10
Cut the yarn and secure it.


Crochet button