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How to lose weight without harming your health?


Some persons have good genes and they never have major weight problems. Majority of people have or gain pounds with aging usually due to leading a less active life compare to high school years. On the other hand, regardless of genes and any other factors that affect weight gain or loss, men and women can be thin if they want it. To shape your body, you do not need to make your life miserable nor tortured when trying harsh or starving diets. It won’t be any good neither for your body nor for your mind.

The main point in fat melting process is to be patient, reasonable, and persistent. Below are some major aspects which help you to reach the goal of dropping weight and keep it off.


Buy a pair of jeans few sizes smaller and try to fit in them every day. This will be your first goal.


Usually people should not do certain type of exercises, the most important thing is to pick those you enjoy doing. For example, play tennis, volleyball, soccer, bicycle, roller skate, or ice skate.


Drink more than you eat. Fill your stomach with liquids more than solids. In order not feel hungry for longer periods of time, try to eat fruits with a little bit of peanut butter or salad with an egg or a small piece of meat. A person who is on a diet shouldn’t eliminate certain type of food entirely. You can just reduce significantly its consumption not only per day, but maybe even per week. For example, it might be ok to eat even sweets while dieting, but just limit yourself to one cupcake a week not a few every day.

Get yourself busy

It is very important to distract yourself with something that prevents you from thinking about food. Try to work overtimes, volunteer, have hobbies, or get second job. Passive activities like reading, writing, or knitting will also help a person concentrate on the activity rather than on things that he/she has in a refrigerator.

Make yourself worry

Different people are unalike. Some persons might gain weight while experience stressful situations. On the other hand, many individuals drop pounds because of stress and pressure of deadlines. If you are one of those who might lose unwanted pounds doing something that might make you worry like take an exam or get certification then go for it. ‘Killing two birds with one stone’ might make broader career opportunities and at the same time help to correct body imperfections.

Weight scales

Weight yourself everyday and keep a log of changes. That way it is easy to define which food has positive and negative effects on the body shape. You might be surprised discovering that even fruits consumptions like sweet grape may lead to fat accumulation.


Knowledge will help to get an idea how human body works. With basic understanding of anatomy and metabolism it is much easier to manage better your shape and appearance.

Wear underclothes when at home

Bigger weight problems are much noticeable when you have fewer clothes on. Even relatively light people might have fat accumulation in areas like upper arms, thighs, belly, and waistline.