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How to lose weight - simple ways

Be prepared... Undertake the challenge... And eat to live - do not exist for stomach satisfaction.

There are many good and bad weight loss advices you can find that may encourage or discourage you from reaching your goal. Usually when people hear “do not do”, they resist it and might do just opposite. That’s why commonly such advice is considered useless or harmful on our mental perception. But better concentrate on ways which helpful and what is best “to do”. Simplicity of ways how to lose weight might even be surprising, but easy reachable results cannot be achieved without inputting enough efforts into getting to the target.

Make sure to pick carefully among different weight loss programs and special diets developed for those who are looking to lose weight fast. Moreover, before even attempting your weight loss reduction plan, consult with a trusted doctor or physician in order to eliminate any possibilities of side effects, complications, or worsening of your health condition.

This article is not for individuals who prefer to vanish a few pounds of body mass by going through the liposuction surgery procedure, but for strong and motivated personalities who wish to get in shape simply by terminating worthless habits and defining life priorities.



important-things-to-do Believe in your strength
what-to-avoid Do not be a loser

If even you don’t believe in your strength then no one will also. To lose weight you need to want it strongly. Different people have different purposes why they need to be slim but usually these reasons help them to reach their goals. No matter what the true reason is for your weight reduction plan, but only dedication helps you succeed. The only time you might want to be a loser when it is necessary to get rid of something like some excessive pounds.



important-things-to-do Set a weight loss goal
what-to-avoid Do not give up

It is difficult to cut your weight for everybody. From the beginning when you just start to get rid of first extra pounds that might seems like still doable, but with some time the more you drop the harder to lose at least something. More overweight people can cut their calorie consumption more significantly and still maintain enough nutrition in the body whereas just slightly obese individuals need to balance between their desire to melt pounds quickly and remain healthy at the same time. Therefore, in order more gradually reduce your weight you need to set a weight loss goal and slowly head towards it.



important-things-to-do Be reasonable with your expectations
what-to-avoid Do not dream about miracle

When it is easy to set a weight loss goal but might be challenging to reach that. If you won’t realize the first goal the big chances are that you abolish trying to excel in others also. Therefore, try not to expect something that won’t happen anyway. Reasonableness in your goal setting process will not only ensure achieving desired results but make you more comfortable to set more difficult targets later on.



important-things-to-do Set time frame of your weight loss
what-to-avoid Do not get discouraged

Setting the time frame for your weight loss is very important and one of the essential elements of the whole process. You need to evaluate reasonably your abilities to follow such schedule though. For example, if you plan to lose about 50 pounds in a year then you need to lose at least one pound a week because there is 52 weeks in the year. Of course, one week won’t look like the other one. However, no matter what try to pick up the following week everything you were not able to complete in the previous 7 days.



important-things-to-do Change your life style
what-to-avoid Do not choose the schedule

If you want to get rid of extra pounds, you do need to analyze the cause of your weight gain problem. Usually the root of the excessive weight in humans is poor food choices and lack of physical activities which creates the perfect condition for fat accumulation. Therefore, oftentimes it is not enough to go to a gym just once a week and all the remaining time to stay in rest.



important-things-to-do Get a good book about nutrition
what-to-avoid Do not spend weeks on searching on-line how to lose weight

Many people believe that you need to reach each goal one by one. Others think that sometimes might be wiser to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ and achieve two objects at the same time. For example, you might want to improve your health conditions along with your weight loss target as well. This is especially the case for older individuals. Unfortunately, people with aging not only accumulate fat but health related problems also.



important-things-to-do Work on your weight loss hard
what-to-avoid Do not expect to lose weight fast

Depending on how much you need to drop and how soon, you might need to dedicate yourself to this process entirely until you reach the goal. When working hard on your weight lose is extremely important but it doesn’t mean that you need to wear yourself out. Remember that quality of exercises and not quantity will play the key role in your weight loss success story. Be careful with any physical exercises you do because you might stretch your muscle after what it may be necessary to terminate doing any workouts for awhile.



important-things-to-do Do everything to reach your goal
what-to-avoid Do not be skeptical

Many people after not being successful in their weight loss trying might get skeptical and quit any attempts to achieve the goal at least some day. Try to be strong as much as you can and overcome your emotions and frustration if something might go wrong or not as expected. Remember that everyone was in your shoes during the weight loss fight.



important-things-to-do Try different weight loss approaches
what-to-avoid Do not stick to something that is not working for you

Different people are very unalike. They all have unequal backgrounds, health conditions (metabolism), abilities, and strive. That’s why there will never be one universal approach how to lose weight fast that works for everybody. Everyone should test many weight losing methods to have her own experience with that to find out what works for her and what doesn't.



important-things-to-do If you want to be slim then just be one
what-to-avoid Do not create outline illusions

Many people wish to be skinny, but not many make strenuous efforts towards it. When it is understandable that to drop some pounds is extremely hard, but you won’t be required to abstain from all food to get rid of extra weight. In addition, there are so many success weight loss stories you can find how people melt even over 300 pounds. Therefore, if they could do it, so can you. If you really want to wear a small size dress, you will find the way to skinny down and diminish cellulite.



important-things-to-do Make your body shape clothes
what-to-avoid Do not rely on the dress that slenderize a figure

Some overweight people are embarrassed by their body shape and try to hide it by buying clothes that makes them look slimmer. If you choose to lose weight instead of purchasing expensive dresses, you not only save money but gain self-confidence and appeal. Usually thin people do not need to acquire costly suits because they can look youthful and attractive in relatively cheap clothes.



important-things-to-do Persuade yourself that you can get rid of fat
what-to-avoid Do not make a promise to start some day

There are a lot of strong people physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually who are overweight. They have extra fat not because they cannot make themselves to drop some pounds, but often time because those individuals do not have enough time or drive for big changes. However, how busy you might get, you should never forget about your health and appearance. Try not to lie to yourself that you will do it later when your life won’t be that complicated. We all face challenges throughout the life which will never end. That’s why if you don’t do it now the big chances are that you will never do it at all.

If you cannot get rid of extra pounds for your own good then do it for someone else. For instance, you can give a priceless example to your kids or family members.



important-things-to-do Define priorities
what-to-avoid Do not be weak

Everyone knows that only strong individuals win. It is not ok just to sit on a couch, feel sorry for yourselves, complain about everything, or make someone guilty for your failures. You and only you are maker of your happiness. It is in your ability to do changes if you need them.



important-things-to-do Weight yourself from time to time
what-to-avoid Do not buy bigger size clothes when you gain weight

The weight scale is a must have item in any household. It is especially the case if your body weight goes up and down seasonally. You should carefully monitor it in order not to miss the moment when thing might go out of any control. When it comes to fat, it is all the time easier to accumulate that than melt. That’s why try not to get more pounds than you will be able to get rid of fast.



important-things-to-do Lose weight in everything you do
what-to-avoid Do not set certain hours for reducing fat accumulation

The best and easiest way to lose weight is to try get rid of pounds in everything you do. For every your movement some calories must be burned. Therefore, try to be active as much as possible during the day. Every move will count regardless whether it is physical exercise or just house chores.



important-things-to-do Enjoy the food
what-to-avoid Do not kill the hunger

When you try to cut some pounds down, it is not necessary to follow one of starvation diets. It will be more than sufficient to just watch what you intake and how much. Make sure that you opt for healthy right choices in order to feel good while losing weight. Your body needs varied and balanced food daily. That’s why it is important to understand that you cannot reduce quality of your food choices while trying to decrease quantity of food consumed.



important-things-to-do Count steps
what-to-avoid Do not push the buttons

Climbing stairs might be sort of a hard exercise, but is very effective in your weight loss fight. You excessively burn calories while undertaking such challenge not only when going up but down as well. Try to use stairs in subways and public buildings rather than an elevator whenever you can. The alternative to this might be a stair climbing treadmill which can be accessible in any gym or purchased to exercise home.



important-things-to-do Drink liquids before a meal
what-to-avoid Minimize solids consumption

Some people believe that a stomach cannot shrink. That’s why it is necessary to fill this body organ with some water prior to a next food intake to consume fewer solids and still satisfy your hunger. It is better to do it 10 - 20 minutes before meals.



important-things-to-do Stay in motion
what-to-avoid Do not stay in rest

To maintain relatively high level of activeness daily is a key to success in your weight loss plan. When people get used to stay in rest they tend to relax by sitting on a chair or lying down on a sofa whenever possible. On the other hand, when individuals have usually active relaxation then for them it is not a problem just to alter activities and still feel energetic throughout the day.



important-things-to-do Make a list of groceries before heading to the store
what-to-avoid Do not go buy groceries on empty stomach

For many people grocery shopping is a painful process, but unavoidable because we all need food to survive. Mainly this routine is unpleasant because you need to find time to go to a store, spend time there, line up before a register, and carry heavy bags home. However, this tiring procedure can be seen from a different angle. For example, take the routine as an exercise the same as if you would go to a gym. The only thing that everyone should worry about is do not go shopping when you are hungry. A starving person will definitely buy more than she needs. Plus this happening might make you eat that week more in order not to waste products and money that was spent on it.



important-things-to-do Walk to buy your lunch at work
what-to-avoid Do not sit waiting for delivery

On one hand, it is understandable that everyone wants convenience. Modern inventions and accommodations make us lazy. However, some people go over the board with it when they drive their cars to get even on just the opposite side of the street. Be reasonable and rational while opt for one choice over the other one. If the area you live in is safe and you have a full lunch time break then why don't you walk to get the food yourself. You will not only save on gas, but breathe longer fresh air and get an excellent workout.



important-things-to-do Change you physical activities often
what-to-avoid Do not stick with boring exercises

In order to make yourself constantly do some physical exercises, you need to do it as an enjoyable routine. Never let feeling ‘oh, gain’ cross your mind otherwise you will give up trying. Remember, you can do longer and more workouts by altering movements often than do one many times.



important-things-to-do Calculate calories
what-to-avoid Downgrade carbohydrates utilization

According to a low carbohydrates diet, people should look on labels to find grams of carbohydrates per each serving size first not only on the fat percentage that you might see on the front. For example, a product might contain just 1 % fat or less, but still be high in carbohydrates which can cause your excessive weight gain.



important-things-to-do Reduce amount
what-to-avoid Do not cut the time

It is very important to chew any food thoroughly especially meat, nuts, beans, and dry fruits. When a person eats in a hurry he will consume more comparably to that if the individual would intake his meal without any haste. In addition, even if you full your stomach more by gulping everything, but it doesn’t mean that you will get more nutrition in your body. Remember that digestion starts from your mouth. That’s why the more work you do there the less stress will go to your stomach. In addition, by chewing food properly you prepare your stomach better for further processing it.



important-things-to-do Extract the energy from balanced healthy food
what-to-avoid Do not maintain the being by munching junk

In order to lose weight in a healthy way, you need to feed yourself with lots of fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, pears, and other fiber-riches. It is not only recommended but essentially important to consume real natural food than intake fried in greasy oil foods which are not good for anything other than fat accumulation. If you are allergic to some fruits try to peel the skin to find out may be it is not a fruit itself causes the reaction but chemicals that were applied on it.

Remember that some junk and fast food may be addictive. Some people compare such addition even to use of illegal drugs where individuals might lose control over it. They are usually very high in calories even in small amounts. That’s why frequent snacks can dramatically stimulate your weight gain.



important-things-to-do Burn your calories
what-to-avoid Do not contaminate the air by burning gas

One of the simplest ways how to lose weight is to bicycle. Some people think that it is too easy and not worthwhile your time spent on it. May be it is true for some advanced trainees for whom just to bike might not be enough to burn all the necessary calories. On the other hand, many people will agree that prolong bicycling especially uphill is really tiring. Therefore, this exercise should be definitely included in your weight loss plan of things to do. It might be possible to bicycle even at home if you can afford to purchase the exercise bike.

If an employee lives relatively not far away from work, she can bicycle there at least few times a week. From the beginning even short distance might seems like far, but after couple of times you will get used to. In addition, you will save not only on gas, but combine the time for commuting and physical exercises together on your schedule leaving more time to do other important things.



important-things-to-do Finish eating when you feel still a little bit hungry
what-to-avoid Do not allow heterotrophic organism’s instinct to manage eating habits

In order gradually and painlessly to reduce amount of consumed food, try to get up from a table before you completely satisfy your hunger. First few times might be hard but then you will get used to. Usually our brain gets a signal that you are not hungry any longer with some delay. So, even if you leave the kitchen still sort of hungry, it is ok. You won’t have such feeling in a few minutes afterwards anyway.



important-things-to-do Be careful of the company you keep
what-to-avoid Do not be surround people who constantly chewing something

It is relatively easy to get rid of friends you do not like to be around. In contrast, you cannot cross out a family member. That’s why try to communicate nicely with them and ask for help. Many slim people have good appetite, but be aware that their metabolisms might be perfect also if they stay skinny. Those individuals can eat lots of food and never get noticeable extra weight. However, most people are not that lucky and such excessive eating may cause body mass gain. To be surrounding a person who chews all the time might make you feel hungry. Therefore, let everyone know about your diet and ask not to eat in front of you.



important-things-to-do Cook healthy food home
what-to-avoid Do not pick fast food up from drive through

Despite our business we still need to master at least some basic cooking skills. It is not that hard as it may seem like and with a little bit of practice you will learn to prepare your own fare in no time. Usually meals cooked at home are better for you stomach and you will reduce chances of getting indigestion or food poisoning. In addition, when people eat in, they usually can control better the amount consumed and save leftovers for later decreasing their monthly spending on grocery.



important-things-to-do Fool yourself by putting food in smaller plates
what-to-avoid Do not serve in big dishes

Fool yourself by putting your meal in a smaller plate in order to feel like you ate the same full plate portion as always. That way you will consume fewer calories and train yourself gradually to intake less fare.



important-things-to-do Eat when its time
what-to-avoid Do not get a snack whenever have a minute

Try to make a schedule of your food consumptions. That way you won’t forget about your lunch time even if you’ll get too busy at work. However, avoid longer than 4 hours fasting to occur. Take healthy snacks wherever you go. On the other hand, if you get used to eat your meals in certain times, you won’t get hungry much sooner than your regular intervals between food intakes.



important-things-to-do Multiform and be diverse
what-to-avoid Do not get sick from homogeneous diet

In order not to get tired of dieting, you need to alter diets from time to time. It might also be a good idea for you not only switch fare but cuisines as well. No matter which diet plan you choose, it should include daily necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals because they help your cells and organs work properly. For example, you can take enough dose of vitamin C from citrus fruits after what switch source of the vitamin C and get it from salads that include fresh onions. Remember that many foods have same vitamins and minerals but in different proportions. Other thing to consider is there are
- fat-soluble vitamins, such as A, D, E, and K which can be stored in your body
- water-soluble vitamins like C and B that cannot be stored in your body. That’s why you need to restore them daily by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.



important-things-to-do Ask your doctor
what-to-avoid Do not hypothesize that all weight gain problems linked to food consumption only

There are many causes of extra weight gain in individuals that do not relate anyhow with amount of food consumed. Many people complain that they lead a healthy style of life, pretty active, and motivated, but still they cannot get even close to their high school shape. Some of those reasons may be using certain drugs or medication (side effect of hormone disorders or its treatments). Consult with your physician about the cause of the problem and possible remedies for that.



important-things-to-do Create nutrition plan
what-to-avoid Do not implement thoughtless starvation and vital nutrients extraction

You do not have to consult with a great physician or go deep into chemistry in order to come with a conclusion: eating fewer calories in combination with intensive exercises will stimulate the body to getting rid of good-for-nothing pounds. It is evidently simple that you have to be physically active to progress with losing weight, but selection of nutrients you consume is more complex question. Do not go on a promising diet for losing 5 pounds a week if vital macro- or micronutrients will be banned. Well balanced nutrition is not about extracting sugar-rich or fatty food from organism but about reasonable ingestion.



important-things-to-do Follow fat burning diets
what-to-avoid Do not harm your health

There are many different types of diets which can be divided into three groups like low-fat, low-carbohydrates, and low calorie one. Usually it does not have much of a difference which one of those diets to use. If your firm weight loss goal is set, you will achieve it later or sooner depending on the cause of the problem and how many efforts will be put to achieve that. Unfortunately, nobody is perfect and we all let go things sometimes. Therefore, even if you did not follow your diet for some reason, be strong enough to get back on track. There won’t be that many harm to your weight loss plan from eating more than you should once or few times compare to stop dieting.



important-things-to-do Sleep as a baby
what-to-avoid Do not stay up late

Believe it or not but weight gain might be linked to having lack of sleep. If you cannot get enough night rest, your energy level will be depleted which may cause more food consumption to restore it. If you have sleep disorder ask your doctor.



important-things-to-do Withstand the desire to eat
what-to-avoid Do not pig out

When some people still question that stomach can expand if feed more food and shrink if intake less fare, but the certain thing for sure is that if you gradually train yourself to glut you will be able to swallow enormous amounts. It is very important to monitor carefully what, how much, and how often you eat. If you could make yourself to intake just daily necessary amounts of food, your accumulate fat process would not be that rapid. Stay healthy and energetic for all your endeavors. Individuals who can overcome the desire to eat few times will definitely reach their weight loss target.



important-things-to-do Kill your time actively
what-to-avoid Do not waste any moment

If you miss the bus during the day period and face to wait for the other one about 15 minutes or even longer, try to go to the next bus stop. You will use the time efficiently by having a good workout. It is especially the case in winter time when walking warm you up. In addition, you might consider to get off the bus a couple stops before your choice of destination if you are not in a hurry.



important-things-to-do Walk as much as you can
what-to-avoid Do not lead sedentary lifestyle

Walking is one of the safest and easiest physical exercises that people can undertake in any weather if not disabled. There are so many benefits from just walking you can get besides weight reduction, such as improve your mood, calm down, be positive and energetic. In addition, you will lower risk of having heart attack, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The worst thing to do to your body is just lie on a bed in front of a TV set and chew something in addition.



important-things-to-do Intake small portions at about the same time
what-to-avoid Do not let long breaks between meals

It is not recommended to have long intervals between your fare consumption due to probabilities of side effects, such as fatigue, headaches, indigestion, and gassiness. In addition, you might get other health related problems which can affect your mouth, teeth, hair, nails, bones, skin, and more. Furthermore, no one should skip meals entirely because there won’t be any benefit from that either. Usually calories from skipped meals will be caught up with the very next large meal anyway.

Some people are concern that when a person thinks about fare his gastric glands which are within the stomach secret the gastric juice and if he will not eat anything it might be harmful for the body organ. Train yourself to intake food at the same time in order to develop such important eating habit. That way you won’t dream about starch anywhere in between meals.



important-things-to-do Enjoy your meals in the kitchen
what-to-avoid Do not eat while doing something else

Try to focus on what you eat and not on anything else. That’s why do not attempt to get done few things at once. Remember that is usually not worthwhile even if you have lack of time. For example, you try to combine your diner with doing some school or job assignment at home. The chances are that you will eat longer and less enjoyable. Plus it will take more time to complete the project anyway and the risk of eating more than necessary may increase.



important-things-to-do Drink plenty of different healthy liquids
what-to-avoid Do not drink sugar beverages

When it is crucial to drink daily as much fluids as possible, but everybody need to be careful about choices they make. For example, it is healthy to intake juices, water, milk, and sugar-free tea. However, you may gain extra pounds from consuming soft drinks. You can find many stories where people lost many pounds by just crossing out soda from their grocery list.



important-things-to-do Spend your day offs actively
what-to-avoid Do not sleep a whole day

Our human laziness might make us wait weekends to finally sleep for the whole week. However, even if you feel like you constantly do not have good night sleeps it is not a reason just do not do anything. Take your good 8 or 9 hours of the night's rest and then be in motion. You can make yourself busy by shoveling snow in winter as an example.



important-things-to-do Plan your activities for every season
what-to-avoid Do not hibernate in winter

Try to go with your family or friends at least somewhere, such as walk in the park or near the lake. Educate yourself by visiting museums to see exhibitions. If you have kids, go play with them in the snow, ski, ice skate, sled from a hill, etc...



important-things-to-do Consume more liquids than solids
what-to-avoid Do not eat more than you drink

Different body organs have different percentage of water consistence. However, overall about 2/3 or even more of our body is water depending on whether it is a young or older person. Therefore, the importance of water intake cannot be overemphasized. Just think that people can live without solids for relatively long period of time, but without water about a week or less than that.



important-things-to-do Manage your stress
what-to-avoid Do not worry more than necessary

People worry all the time even though everyone knows that stress may kill us slowly. That’s why try not to forget about it even in your worst life’s moments. Your health is the most important treasure you should be concern about. Find harmony in your heart and think about all the positive you have in your life.



important-things-to-do Intake fare that your body needs
what-to-avoid Do not be seduced by everything that tastes good

Be picky with everything that you plan to eat. Make yourself think twice before opting for any choice especially alcohol and chocolates. It is not ok to think that “oh, I have that today and will start dieting tomorrow”. Your plan of getting rid of pounds might never come true because there is so many extremely delicious treats that you may not have enough of your life time to try them all.



important-things-to-do Be patient
what-to-avoid Do not expect it happens right away

Many people begin to follow diets, but, unfortunately, not all of them reaching their goals. One of the reasons why they might not be successful is lack of patience. Everybody wants everything and at once. However, usually we need to sweat a lot to get the desired result. Therefore, it is not enough to say that if you need something then just go for it. Have strength to stand till the end should be stressed the most because that is the key to the victory.



important-things-to-doShake your fat
what-to-avoid Do not hesitate to enroll in adults dance classes

When it comes to correcting your problem body areas, dancing is almost incomparable with any other methods of reduction your accumulated fat. This is mainly because when a person does regular workouts she herself to exercise them. In contrast, while she is dancing the music makes her move.



important-things-to-do Have sex
what-to-avoid Do not be passive

Exercises won’t stop even at night if you will make love with your spouse or partner. There are lots of health benefits related to this as well.