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How to live a good life?


Happiness, health, and wealth are among the most important components of a good life. Some people dream about career while others think how to get married. Many of them wish to have a job while others vision themselves opening their own business. Some individuals pray to be able at least some day to afford a condo while others imagine themselves purchasing a mansion. None of mentioned above persons are neigher good nor bad, they just unalike and have different priorities or goals in their lives.

What makes people happy

People see things from different angles and have varied values in their lives. Each individual can find happiness in different things. That’s why there is no one right answer to the question what brings satisfaction and peace in mind. Many individuals find pleasure and laughter from small things like being in love, have kids, get a job and enjoy what they are doing there. Others might find peace when they constantly achieve and improve something. Usually they think that only money will help to create all the conditions for happy life.

How to be happy

Usually the reason why people commonly are not happy is because of their attitude to things and life. For example, when a girlfriends and a boyfriend just started their relationship, they usually are more in love than a few years later. Oftentimes not met expectations make them disappointed in each other. Sometimes even gained wisdom and experience cannot help to keep those people together. On the other hand, if they would not be selfish and self concentrated, but try to compromise with their partners, they might settle their arguments down and be happy once again.

Of course, it is hard to feel good when you are full of debts and maybe other bad things are going on as well. That’s why it is important to know how to find the way out from such situations and turn everything out to your favor. Do not think that only you have troubles and problems in life. If you stuck, ask or plea for help from others.

Humans’ health

Many people say ‘stay healthy means live happy’ and it is true. To feel well you need to be emotionally, spiritually, and physically strong. No one can have a good feeling if they or their close ones are sick. Therefore, be active and lead healthy life if not for yourself then for your loved ones. Other important thing is to be an optimist and see things from a positive side. Remember that wrong thoughts attract bad events.


For some people money means everything, while for others pretty much nothing. However, most will agree that without any cash on hand is hard to survive and achieve your goals. For instance, even as simple thing as that, but it is impossible to be happy on an empty stomach. On the other hand, individuals have different needs in their lives. Therefore, it is important to decide for yourself how much you should make in order to cover the bills and still have time for yourself, family, and friends.