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How to knit simple berry pattern

knitting pattern

Yarn - Red Heart worsted 4
Needles - US 3 (3.25 mm)
Complexity - Easy

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Berry knitting pattern
Step-by-step knitting instructions
1. Cast on 20 stitches.
2. 1st row (right side) - purl (p) all stitches to end.
3. 2nd row - knit (k) all 20 stitches.
4. 3rd row - p20.
5. 4th row - k20.
6. 5th row - skip (s) 1, p3, [make 5 sts on 1 st., p4]* - repeat to end.
7. 6th row - s1, k3, [p5, k4] - to end.
8. 7th row - s1, p3, [knit two together (k2tog), k1, k2tog, p4] - to end.
9. 8th row - s1, k3, [purl three together (p3tog), k4] to end.
10. 9th row - p20.
11. 10th row - k20.
12. 11th row - p20.
13. 12th row - k20.
14. 13th row - s1, p5, [make 5sts on 1 st., p6] repeat 2 times.
15. 14th row - s1, k5, [p5,k6] repeat two times.
16. 15th row - s1, p5, [k2tog, k1, k2tog, p6] repeat twice.
17. 16th row - s1, k5, [p3tog, k6] - 2 times.
18. Repeat all the steps
*To make new 5 stitches on one stitch, you need to knit the very first out of 5 sts in regular way, but keep both needles in the stitches. Then bring the yarn to the front and insert the needle with the 1st new stitch into the base stitch and purl. After that one needle should be still in the base stitch and you should have two new stitches on the other needle. Move the yarn to the back and insert the needle with already tow stitches on it into the base stitch and knit. Bring again the yarn to the front to purl, and lastly knit the last stitch of 5. Now you should have 5 stitches on one base stitch.


Video tutorial