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How to knit a cell pattern scarf


Yarn - Red Heart Soft / worsted 4 / Net Weight - 141 g / 256 yds (234 m) / 1 ball needed
Needles - US 8
Hook - US F (3.75 mm)
Scarf Length - 65 inches (165 cm.)
Complexity - Easy

Images & Captions: 

Knitted women’s scarf
Step-by-step knitting instructions
Step 1
Cast on 25 stitches or multiples of 3 sts plus one additional stitch.
Step 2
1st row (right side) - knit all stitches to end then turn your work to the wrong side.
Cell pattern:
2nd and all even rows - purl all sts to end.
3rd row - knit 1, [yarn over*, knit 3 and decrease it to 2 sts (with a help of left needle pull through the 1st stitch two last stitches)] repeat that to end.
5th row - [knit 3 and decrease that to two sts, yarn over*] to last one st., knit 1.
Repeat the pattern starting from 2nd row until you reach the desired length of your scarf.
*yarn over - wrap the right knitting needle with the yarn before a knit stitch to make a new stitch. That way, regardless of decreasing stitches, your total number of sts will constantly remain the same.
Step 3
For the last row (right side) - knit all stitches to end.
Step 4
Cast off - [knit two stitches together, slide back from the right needle one stitch onto the left needle] repeat the process to end.
Step 5 (optional)
Crochet edge.
Chain pattern:
1st row - Insert a crochet hook into the last stitch after fastening off, and [make from it two more chain sts. Then insert the hook into the second base stitch from your hook, grab the yarn, and pull it through the stitch that is on your crochet hook] to end. Create two more returning chain stitches and turn.
2nd row - [Insert the hook into the first bump* from your hook, do yarn over, and pull it through the stitch that is lying the crochet hook] to end.
Step 6
Cut the yarn and secure it.
Step 7 (optional)
Attach the yarn and repeat Step 5 for the other end of the scarf.


Scarf knitting pattern


After the 3rd row

After the 3rd row, you should have 17 knit stitches and 8 yarn overs. In the image, I underlined each set of 3sts which were decreased to 2sts. You should purl each stitch on the wrong side.


Good day,

Good day,
Thanks for the video and the tutorial. This is my first scarf and after searching the web I've chosen your pattern.
Now is my question: after the 5th and 9th row I get some sort of cut edges.
Could you kindly advise what's wrong?
Thanks alot.


Hi Anna,

Hi Anna,
Thanks for the good question. From the picture it is hard to say what knitting needles or yarn you use, but it looks like you knit very tightly. You almost do not have holes in the pattern. I would advise you do not worry about the edges just yet. You may fix it later when the scarf will be ready. One of the ways to do so is to work one row of single crochet stitches on both side of the scarf. Happy knitting and crocheting!