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How to keep the spark alive in your marriage?


Many long lasting married couples live together because they just get used to each other and do not want to make any changes. Usually they live together more in convenience of their grown children than because of own feelings which often times faded even from the beginning of the marriage. However, very few partners are able to maintain their spark of love for the rest of their lives. They enjoy being every day together and have their happy ever after. Where do you want to be in your marital relationship? Try to answer to yourself what you do to keep the spark of love between each other.

People are very unalike and different thing might make spouses’ love alive forever depending on personalities, but common ones are following:

Make each other happy

To make other individual happy is very hard even for one time and require lots of knowledge about the person’s personality. To please each other constantly is almost impossible. That’s why it is important to be observable and notice even small details in change of your spouse’s behavior as a reaction on some deed. If you see that something is not pleasant to your loved one then just quit doing it in order not to irritate and frustrate each other. Be nice, patient, and learn from each other to make one another happy. One partner should know a lot about the other one in order to respect his/her wishes and preferences when making mutual decisions.


Constantly impressing in a right way each other with talents, strength, or knowledge will keep not only couples together, but their everlasting feeling towards one another. On the other hand, do not try to outsmart your spouse which might be annoying.

Play a game

Consider your marriage as a game where you can win only if both will reach the finish line together. This is a team work and only one spouse cannot keep spark of love alive for a long time. Mutual agreements, understanding, respect, and support along with keeping promises will make miracles in your marital relationship.

Be loyal to your spouse

Loyalty is one of essential part of successful marriage. Prove your spouse that you can be trusted to get the same from him/her.


It is important do not keep hard feelings no matter what. People should forgive in order to move on. No one is perfect even you. That’s why it is unwise to expect from other person to do that even you cannot accomplish. Be reasonable with your expectation and try to forget unnecessary moments before they start to overwhelm your mind.

Make getaways together

It is healthy not only for your own health, but for marriage as well to go on vacations or even on dates together with your spouse. Do not think that for such matter will be a better moment some day later. Usually people are always busy and they won’t have enough time for personal life unless they carefully plan for it.