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How to grow fingernails long

Fingernails in our lives.

Good nails the same as our hair is an indicator of health, beauty, and youth. Only a vigor person can have long and strong finger nails which will give any person not only extra appel, but protect soft tissues of the fingers from damages. By looking on your hands some doctors can even determine, in some cases, whether you have certain diseases or not. Therefore, everyone wants to be robust and have nice looking fingernails throughout their lives.

Ways to improve fingernails appearance and growth.

- Physical activities

Individuals can be healthy only if they eat right without overeating. They should exercise every day. It is not supposed to be long and tiring physical activities, but walking a few times a day and doing your house chores might be just right for you. It is also very important to do actually something with your hands and fingers in particular. For example, people with short nails might try to prepare some bread where they need to mix the dough by their hands. Other alternative is to do massages to your spouse (husband or wife), partner, kids, or even yourself. Typing or playing piano will also make a good workout for your fingers. You need it because this will help your blood circulate faster and maintain warmness of your hands. Keep in mind that nails and hair grow quicker in warm climates or season of the year.

- Vitamins and minerals

Drinking lots of fluids and necessary vitamins and minerals intake is also essential and play a crucial role in your overall wellbeing and growing nails in particular. It is especially necessary for your body to have enough daily supply of vitamins especially such as A, B, C, and D. Nails are made from the protein which is called keratin. You can purchase a protein rich drug in any pharmacy for good growth of hair and nails, but don’t rely solely on that medication alone. Talk to your health care provider before making any decisions. Remember that what appears to be an issue might actually be just a symptom of a bigger and deeper problem which needs to be fixed first.

- Trimming

Don’t forget about importance of cutting your nails at least a couple of times a week. It is not that hard to do it by yourself or you can ask a nail technician for help. Do whichever is more comfortable for you. Apply special creams for nails and cuticles often throughout the day because the living part of a finger nail is under the skin.

What can be harmful to your fingernails and its growth?

Nails can absorb everything what you deep your hands into. So, be careful if you do some cleaning at home and using special chemical sprays or liquids for that. In addition, it is not good for your fingernails to soak in detergent while you trying to remove some old spots from your clothes. Therefore, in case you should do something that might be harmful to your fingernails or skin it is better to ware long rubber gloves.
Furthermore, nail polishing and its removal or any fixing artificial nails onto your real ones for cosmetic purposes can also be very harmful especially if you do it pretty much often.