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How to find a job - not an easy task

Many if not all job applicants look on the internet to find advices from other people who have been through the process of job hunting on how to find a job. However, there is no guaranty that those article authors had a positive outcome of their own search. They just give you their opinion on their particular situation and you will definitely have your own experience with the job seeking. On the other hand, it is better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than from your own which make overall reading the information related to job interviews valuable especially if it is from a reliable source.

Why people fail job interviews

Despite the fact that there are lots of answers on how to get a job you can find out there. For instance, they recommend improving yourself by working on your resume, speech, and appearance. However, unfortunately, some job seekers don’t realize fully the importance of that preparation process and think it is pretty much common sense anyway. So, those applicants believe that the reason why they have trouble to find a job is not because of things mentioned above. That’s why in many cases when it comes to a real life situation, those advices might not be followed, disregarded or hard to recall while on actual job interview.

Of course, there may be other reasons why applicants fail job interviews, such as due to unpredictable circumstances or stress they might face while being interviewed. That’s why thorough preparation to any job interview will boost your chances of finally getting the position you desired or at least will be fine for now. It is always better to have at least something than to wait for the higher position and lose your potential income. Remember that is easier and less stressful to change the job while you are actively working than to get the very first one.

In fact, after applying for many job positions and getting just rejections as a result, the question might arise whether it is worthwhile to keep trying to find a work place since you just waste your time or damage your nervous system? Usually many will advise you do not give up and don’t keep hard feelings on the rejections. Some people say that you are in a more safe position if you are getting constantly thousands rejections than not. Otherwise, you don’t seek hard enough and your chances of getting at least some position is very limited up to none.

May be it will be a good idea to revise your priorities. Think about what will benefit you the most in some particular situation and money won’t be the only factor why you want the job. For example, when you go to work you not only earn money, but gain working experience, improve yourself, and build valuable connections. However, it can depend on a number of factors or circumstance and you will go from there to decide whether it is worthwhile to continue the search in your particular case.