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How to find a babysitter?


For most families it is hard to survive if only one spouse works. That’s why wives cannot stay with a child for a long time home and have to return back to work. In addition, employers also won’t wait for an employee usually more than 3 months or even less than that. On the other hand, even if return to work might be necessary, but your child is still should be in good trusted hands, making choosing a right babysitter extremely difficult.

How to choose a right babysitter

Background check is essentially important for such matter. You can ask for recommendations and actually call those people. In addition, you can invite the person to babysit your child on weekends when you are at home to see how she manages the kid.

You need to understand that any child will not feel secure with unfamiliar people. On the other hand, if after some period of warming up, your baby still does not like the person then it might be a reason for that. Babysitters are usually nice and at their best behavior when parents around, but they might show their real faces to your kids when you are not there.

Especially small children are the most honest people and if for any reason your child does not like his nanny then no matter how good she might be or how many years of experience the lady may have, but you need to find another person to take care about your little one.

Where to find a babysitter

There are many ways how other parents search for babysitters from the word of mouth to using service of professionals who specialize in finding a right person to take care about children.

- Babysitting agencies local or worldwide

If you live in pretty big city then there is a good chance that you might find someone from there. In addition, there are many Au Pair agencies where young foreign girls usually by age of 26 can come to your house and babysit your kids. The huge benefit of such girls that they usually available to work almost 24/7 plus they can teach your child a foreign language like Spanish, French, or Chinese. The only drawback of agency services might be that you need to pay not only for the employee, but to the organization as well and follow their rules.

- Neighbors

Usually even in your neighborhood you can find either a stay-at-home mom or older teenager who could babysit your child while you are away. Parents should get to know their neighbors better in order to use such valuable and convenient source of help.

- Friends and coworkers

Ask your friends or people who you know to recommend somebody. They might even introduce you their wives, older children, or relatives who could help care about your kid.

- Online

If you do not want or cannot afford to pay for agency services, you can search for a babysitter online and do background checks yourself. No one match better than you your own and baby’s needs anyway. The only drawback of it that such search might be time consuming and overwhelming.