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How to do well on a job interview?

You probably won’t survive long on a job interview, unless you build some connection with your interviewer. In order to do that you need to be interested to the hirer and show that you are not only fun to be around, but trustworthy as well. In other words, you are the person other people can count on in any circumstances. Since trust is a key to any relationship, you should proof that you are well worthwhile their attention. Don’t mention about skills you don’t have because it can come out on you if not now than later anyway. Be reasonable and say your own opinion to describe the action you would do in certain situations. It is not one hundred percent supposed to be correct, but should be reasonable and sound like from a mature person. By looking on your resume an interviewer will expect even certain answers from you and won’t await too good ones especially if you did not have previous related work experience. Be aware that if you start telling him something that is too good to be true, it might hurt you more than help.

All job applicants experience the same worries that they might not be the best among other candidates or may not make proper impression on a hiring manager. When these worries are understandable and everyone have them, but they might negatively affect you performance and jeopardize your chances of succeeding at the job interview and being hired for the position you applied. To manage you stress which is very normal according to the circumstances, you need to prepare yourself for this event physically / mentally and have a good night sleep the night before a big day.

Usually when a person have a stressful situation his body dehydrates, so make sure that you take something to drink with you which help you somewhat to relax and take out a little bit of the pressure. In addition, don’t forget use a restroom right before the interview. Maybe it wouldn’t be convenient to use a washroom on the company premises, that’s why, plan to stop in the nearest public place on your way there might be a better idea. While this sound like a common sense but many job applicants disregard it resulting in a bad performance and waste of time for coming to the interview.

While on an interview depending on who you are talking to, you need to adjust your voice, speed of speech, gesticulation, or manner of sitting in a chair. For example, if your interviewer speaks slowly you should try to do about the same or if he speaks fast it might irritate him to wait on your responses. Try to gesticulate only if the hiring manager is doing so. Usually he will remember you better if you will gesticulate a little bit. Furthermore, if you are a man and your interviewer a woman you might not be comfortable to sit face-to-face with her. That’s why be careful which chair to choose before even sitting there whenever possible. It is generally also a good advice not to cross your arms or legs while sitting in front of a hirer. Remember that body language plays a huge role in your chances of getting the job as well.

Even though it is hard, but pretend that you come to speak with your friend about something important that might positively affect not only you but him as well when you are heading for the job interview. This may give you a little bit more confidence and strength to survive through this procedure. Try to give valuable reasons to persuade him in the win-win situation.