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How to crochet socks

crochet socks pattern

Yarn - Red Heart Soft / worsted 4 / Net Weight - 113 g/ 204 yds (187 m) / less than 1 ball needed
Hook - US F (3.75 mm)
Socks Size - US 8
Foot Circumference - 8.7 in (22 cm)
Complexity - Easy

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Crochet socks
Step-by-step crochet instructions
Step 1
Create a foundation chain of 14 chain stitches and one returning chain.
Step 2
1st row (right side) - single crochet to end, then one returning chain (RC) and turn the work.
2 - 25 rows - back loop single crochet (BLSC) to end, then 1 RC and turn.
26th row - BLSC to end (do not create 1 RC).
Step 3
Connect two ribbing ends together.
Insert the hook into the first stitch of the opposite end of the ribbing, grab the yarn, and pull it through both loops. Then insert the hook into both second loops from the yarn, do yarn over, and pull it through the 3 loops. Repeat the process to end. Flip the work to the wrong side (now it will be your right side) to hide the seam.
Step 4
On one edge of the ribbing pick up 38 chain stitches while working single crochet.
BLSC for 2 more rounds.
Step 5
Sock heel:
1st row (right side) - BLSC for only 20 sts, then 1 RC and turn the work.
2nd row - reverse front loop single crochet (RFLSC) for the 20 sts, after that do 1 RC and turn.
3rd and 5th rows = 1st row.
4th row = 2nd row.
6th row - RFLSC to end and turn the work.
Step 6
Heel decrease:
To decrease one chain stitch (1D), create 2 loops in the following 2 chain sts from the hook and pull the yarn through the 3 sts.
7th row (right side) - 1D, BLSC to last 2 sts, then 1D and turn the work.
8th row - 1D, RFLSC to last 2 sts, 1D and turn.
Alternate 7th and 8th rows until 7 stitches left.
Step 7
Begin to crochet in round. Start the round with BLSC for 6 chain stitches.
Then pick up 6 sts on the left heel side of the sock while continuing single crochet.
BLSC for 18 chain sts.
Lastly, finish the round by picking up 6 last stitches on the right heel side. You should have 36 chain stitches in total.
Step 8
Work BLSC in round for about 24 rounds or, depending on the foot size, until you reach the desired length of the sock.
Step 9
Toe decrease:
1st round - [1D, BLSC 4] to end.
2nd round - [1D, BLSC 3] to end.
3rd round - [1D, BLSC 2] to end.
4th round - [1D, BLSC 1] to end.
5th and all the rest rounds - decrease without intervals.
Step 10
Cut the yarn, insert it inside of the sock, and secure the tail of the yarn.


ch. – chain
d – decrease
rc – returning chain
sc – single crochet – slip stitch
blsc – back loop single crochet


Socks crochet pattern


Hi Dawn Bahr,

Hi Dawn Bahr,
Thanks for the good question. For the cuff ribbing, you need to crochet as many rows as necessary to fit around your ankle. It should be a tight fit because of the yarn stretchiness. To know how many chains you need to pick up on the edge of the ribbing, it is necessary to measure your foot circumference first and count how many chains go into about 4 inches to know your gauge. For the heel, work just half of your chains. After the decrease, count your existing chains and pick up additional chains to have the same number of chains as you picked up on the edge of the ribbing cuff. Crochet the chains in the round until the final decrease. Happy crocheting!

I am using very small/fine

I am using very small/fine yarn, and I crocheted 49 rows for ribbing. On edge of ribbing (after two ribbing ends sewn together) how many chain stitches do I pick up while working single crochet? pattern says 38, but I don't know if I need to make more since I have 49 rows. The ribbing is about 7.5 inches wide (before ends sewn together). Please advise. thx.

Hi mvavrik,

Hi mvavrik,
Since your gauge is different from mine, it is necessary to adjust everything to your tension. Measure your foot circumference and how many inches is your row (13 chains). Then estimate how many chains it is necessary to work to your foot circumference. When you crochet to the heel, use about half of your chains for the heel. Happy crocheting!