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How to cook semolina


Semolina is very easy and fast to make dish for your breakfast or just for dessert. The simplicity, health benefits, and taste of the dish make wonders for many families. Semolina porridge is especially good for kids who still do not have all teeth.

¾ cup of milk
4 tablespoons of semolina wheat
½ teaspoon of sugar (optional)

Cooking directions

Put all the ingredients in reachable and convenient place near the kitchen stove.

Step 1

Pour whole milk into a middle size heavy-bottomed saucepan in order to avoid damaging the cookware. If you won’t stir it constantly, the porridge will start burning on sides and bottom of a pan.


Step 2

After the milk start boiling, slowly add semolina while stirring constantly. That way you will get nice, smooth, and delicious porridge.


Step 3

Keep stirring it in order to avoid lumps and sticking to the bottom and sides of the saucepan.


Step 4

After the porridge become thick, you can leave it for a few minutes in the saucepan or pour it into the bowl and cool off there. You can eat semolina with honey, jam, syrup, or fruits.