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How to choose a job - what is the best career that is right for you?

Know your talents – what you are good at

Choosing a career might be very challenging especially for high school graduates who are still without life and work experience. They don’t know for sure what they are good at yet. People are capable perform many different tasks; however, some of them is easier to do than others. Therefore, it is essential to know yourself in order to choose something that will bring you satisfaction and you will consider the job as opportunity and not as an obligation. All people have their own natural talents which can be noticed by performing many different things and comparing what comes to you easy and what challenges you most. In addition, you might have some advantages from such comparison anyway because a good employee should be deep and broad. Therefore, if you get experience in any field you will definitely benefit from that someday.

Know who you are - your personality will lead you to the right decision

Other thing to consider, you should know your personality whether you are a social or shy person, leader or follower, and good speaker or not. Judge yourself honestly. Don’t think that to be a leader is better than follower. You might not be happy to undertake all stresses and challenges that first person in the company has, for instance. In addition, any leader cannot exist without a follower the same way as the follower without a leader. Some people might perform at their best when someone telling them what to do and without that they might stuck. Usually leaders have more general knowledge while followers specific one. Therefore, in many cases it is not enough just to know how to do things. On the other hand, leaders cannot be without followers because they might not have time and certain knowledge to realize all the ideas and projects they have. Furthermore, it is important to know and be who you are in order to perform at your best under certain role in the company that you can handle and be successful at.

What type of work schedule you want to have?

Some jobs require you to work away from home, at night time, on call, overtimes, and on weekends/holidays. If you feel like you don’t want to miss any family events then opt for a position with regular hours and which is more laid-back.

How much money you want to make?

You shouldn’t be too ambitious and expect lots of money from your first job. However, you should know that some types of job just don’t pay more than certain limits. Therefore, even with 20 years of experience you won’t get much more than you did 10 years before, for example.

How far you can go with your career?

Some people happy to have just one but stable position at work, but others will stay in the company if they have opportunity to grow and get promotions from time to time. Therefore, it is better before finalize your decision about your position choice to explore the job market to find out which professions offers more opportunity for you before enrolling in any college.