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How to become rich

If you inherited billions the high probability that you will never think about getting rich ideas. Wealthy people normally will concentrate on making more money and with a solid foundation already built it is much easier to come up with new solutions for increasing the amount they already have in possessions.

Those type of individuals let’s name them “idealess theoretics” who have no doubt you have to be born rich and there is no other “legal” or realistic way to make a fortune typically won’t go further or higher than average paid manager position in a big corporation. Such people normally always look for something, making theoretical prejudgments, but never even try to implement any extraordinary ideas into life because of unclear future and a fear of losing what they already have even if it is very little.

There is other group of people who even do not try to make into middle class by hard work, getting high education and a better paying job. Working on minimum or close to minimum wage position and making a rich people wealthier, they spend certain percentage of salary on purchasing lottery tickets and try to get everything with no efforts involved. They always look for a luck despite the fact their brains always tell the realistic chances to hit jackpot.

This article probably will be pointless for three groups of people described above, but a person is always a bit of something learning from a life and if, let say, 95% of us (excluding super rich) will never try to make a real money there is always 5% who will. Other question might rise how many from 5% will reach the goal. The answer is simple: not all, but it is always worth to try. There is hundreds of ways how to become rich and the probability you make real money is not lower than you chances to win 100 million in lottery. Why then so many of us buying lottery tickets, but won’t even consider trying other ways?

Everyone probably knows a woman who wrote a book… and became a billionaire. Many would say luck, but I say “luck” is loser’s vocabulary and ask: “What did you do to become a rich person?"

- I’m working… as a cashier

Well, that is great. Good job. You do not have to read any further.

Even if you are not a low wage employee and holding a master degree from the best business school in the world your chances to make to the top 10 highest-paid CEO very slim. Poverty might not be your lifestyle, but if we are talking about wealth you probably couldn’t afford a private jet and 180 feet yacht.

Only purposeful implementing of creative ideas might (sure not guaranty) will bring you success… well, if you weren’t born in wealth.

There are some suggestions from what to start and you decide what is doable and worth to try.



important-things-to-do Attain employer status
what-to-avoid Do not be respected employee

Usually employee rarely becomes supper rich. In addition, the higher the salary gets the bigger chances that you might be replaced with other less experienced, but cheaper worker. For any hirer the cost will always play the final role.



important-things-to-do Offer others to hit jackpot
what-to-avoid Do not spend a dime on lottery tickets

Gamblers usually lose about the same as they win or even more. So if you would set aside all the money that you put into machine you would probably be really rich.



important-things-to-do Use your brain for breeding money
what-to-avoid Do not join physical work force

Brain is still unexplored entirely. You need just really want it in order to realize your goal. Do not let someone make you a clone or working machine. You might not starve, but you will pretty much stuck with that. Creativity does not have limits, but human body does.

Most physical work is least appreciated because many can do it and therefore the offer on the job market is high. Be aware that when any offer is high compare to the demand that makes it one of the lowest paying jobs.



important-things-to-do Earn income
what-to-avoid Do not rely on hourly wage

Per hour job most likely will never help you get rich. However, it might be a start to get some experience.



important-things-to-do Find solution
what-to-avoid Do not circle around problems

In order to find the solution, you need to focus on resolving the problem, but not on complaining and feeling sorry for yourself. If any issue is too hard for you, just stop and start to do something else. Your brain will still keep working on the issue. So, after altering your activities you may come back to the previous question and solve it quickly.



important-things-to-do Go for everything
what-to-avoid Do not be afraid of reaching nothing

Since no one has a crystal ball and can look up in the future, everyone should try many projects to see which of them will bring most. Generally people use break-even analysis as a caution to determine whether this job at least cover the cost in the worst case scenario.



important-things-to-do Research and find your way
what-to-avoid Do not be fool by worthless trainings

Many ultra-rich people dropped their school to pursue their careers. They did not want to lose any moment of their life on sometimes useless drilling because time is money. Focus on what you need to not waste your young years.



important-things-to-do Learn from masters
what-to-avoid Do not observe or listen losers

It is better to learn at work from masters and experts who make a lot and have actually money making experience then from a struggling teacher who has trouble to pay his bills. Some people believe that who can do the job will work and who is not strong enough may go to teach.



important-things-to-do Start from small
what-to-avoid Do not expect to get rich fast

Often when you just start your business, you might have losses. However, it does not mean that you did badly that year. It means that you had high start-up expenses and your earning did not cover them.



important-things-to-do Redesign and improve
what-to-avoid Do not repeat or worsen copy

Do not try to invent something that already exists. It is waste of time and efforts. Better sweat on something no one has which will be valuable and in demand.



important-things-to-do Invest and make a profit
what-to-avoid Do not save

Inflation makes money worthless. Therefore, saving is not safe way to handle your hard earn dollars.



important-things-to-do Collect billions pennies per minute
what-to-avoid Do not try to grab huge piece

Some companies set a high price for one good but can find customers once in a while when others try to sell as many cheap products as possible and get higher results than first one.



important-things-to-do Make your own start
what-to-avoid Do not blame fate for not being born rich

You can find many stories where people from wealthy families lose everything while others raise from poverty and became famous. Be a self-starter without relaying that your parents should give you a boost.



important-things-to-do Be unique
what-to-avoid Do not turn into society excepted clone

When you were at school, teachers attempted to make you be like everybody else. Do not afraid to be different because if you will be as all the rest, you will be nobody.



important-things-to-do Make markup
what-to-avoid Do not think about the amount

Do not make thing complicated. Think simple and fast because this is approach to success. Never assume that someone smarter than you. Question yourself why some brilliant students end up hardly making their ends meet and some C students become great leaders.



important-things-to-do Grow and expand
what-to-avoid Do not stuck

If you reach your first goal, do not think that finally relaxation. Instead you need to realize that it is time to work even harder. In order to stay in business you need constantly to update, upgrade, and invent something new.



important-things-to-do Think fast
what-to-avoid Do not lose any moment

The long thinking decreases your chances of obtaining the job or project. Be proactive and reactive.



important-things-to-do Trust but check
what-to-avoid Do not let anyone fool you

Be aware that many people try to steal ideas. After getting some experience, they open similar businesses making you to share some portion of the market with them.



important-things-to-do Persuade people to follow you
what-to-avoid Do not be loner

When to be diverse is not only desirable but essentially important, but you have only two hands to do the work. Make others join your team in order to expend your possibilities.



important-things-to-do Make short and long term plans
what-to-avoid Do not wobble

Plan ahead. It is essentially important to define short-term and long-term goals.



important-things-to-do Spend to earn
what-to-avoid Do not waste

When it is not necessary to save dollars, but you should not waste them also. Money should make more money for you if you direct it right.



important-things-to-do Head for the big
what-to-avoid Do not left any even small thing behind

When you need to start from small but you never should stop progressing. After reaching one goal, head for the higher and more difficult one.