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How to be happy in marriage?


A person cannot have a happy married life if this person is not overall satisfied with anything. Different people see happiness in their own unique ways. Some of them are happy when everything is good and they and their close ones are healthy and doing well. On the other hand, many individuals cannot imagine happy lives without lots of money and expensive things surrounding them.

There are no right or wrong personalities or ways of thinking. People just have different values and sense in their lives. That’s why it is important to know a person who you are going to marry. It is crucial in any long lasting relationships because a partner needs to learn who he/she is going to deal with. Therefore, the perfect match should be made from the very beginning in order not to bump into different personality issues.

Since all humans have different priorities, achieving them may make them feel happy. For example, some individuals cannot imagine a happy married life without children while others think that they might prevent them from reaching their goals to get a good life. Therefore, one way to keep happy married life is to help each other getting what everyone wants.

There are many things that can make married life happy, but common ones are following:


One of the main elements of strong marriage is to love each other. What is love? This is an old and new question for many generations. People see it from different angles as any other thing in our lives. Many individuals believe that it is chemistry between two people when their emotional and spiritual attractions are mutual. On the other hand, some adults think that physical and sexual attraction is love while others are sure that it is instinct. In contrast, love can be compared with true friendship which keeps people together. Love is when one person extremely wants to see, be, and care about one another. It is also when you have some nervous feeling in your stomach or increased heartbeats when see a loved person.


Understanding is extremely important thing in communicating and problem solving processes. Many married couples live together for years and do not know each other. On one hand, many will agree that no one is a mind reader and cannot entirely learn the other person. However, it is necessary at least to write some basic things down if you cannot memories them that your spouse like or prefer.


Keep promises when you give them. This will build trust, respect, reliance, and strong ties between husband and wife.

Make each other happy

Even small thing can make a difference in keeping up relationship. Love is a sparkle which can fade very fast without keeping it alive.

Positive communication

It is important to respect each other’s opinion and wishes even if you disagree with something. Everybody can make a mistake and it is not nice to be too judgmental. Think first before saying anything in order not to hurt feelings. If you want talk your spouse out of some idea then try to find the right moment and words before even starting the conversation.