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How to bake pork ribs with potato


Baked pork ribs is extremely delicious dish. Your all family will definitely like them especially men’s side. In addition, it is relatively easy to prepare them. There are few things to be aware of before buying the meat. Several different types of ribs exist, depending on the section of rib cage from which they were cut. Therefore, they vary in the thickness of the meat and bone. In addition, pork ribs have different levels of fat in each cut that might affect the flavor of the prepared dish. The best is to buy ribs with “juicy meat”. There is supposed to be not just bones and a little bit meat, but almost opposite. If you buy ribs with just small amount of meat on bones, that might spoil your dish.

In order to cook your best pork ribs you need to have an electrical or gas oven, baking sheet, foil, and mixing bowl. In addition, you should have the following ingredients:


- 2 pounds of pork ribs

- 2 pounds of potatoes

- 3 middle size onions

- 1 large red sweet pepper

- salt and pepper by taste

- 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of barbecue sauce (Sweet Baby Ray)

- 50 g. or 1.8 OZ of mayonnaise

- 30 g. or 1 OZ of red sweet wine

Cooking directions

- Lay foil into baking sheet that way you could cover all your ingredients there. So, you need do leave pretty much big pieces of foil on sides of baking sheet. Wash with water meat and potatoes. Salt each rib from all sides a little bit and put it on foil. After that you should pour some sweet vine on top of each rib. Next step is to peel potatoes and then cup it by half and put it in-line with meat, but not on top. Then salt potatoes also. Peel onions and cup them to make big rings. Place onion rings over pork ribs and potatoes. Wash pepper, chop it, and put it on top of everything.

- Preheat oven to 400 degree Fahrenheit.

- Cover everything that you have in your baking sheet with foil and put it in the oven for about one hour and thirty minutes. After that you should take it out from the oven, and place it on your kitchen table. However, you should remember that your backing sheet will be extremely hot and pretty much heavy. Therefore, you need to do it carefully in order not to burn your hands. It is necessary to put something underneath of your backing sheet before putting it on the countertop or kitchen table in order not to damage anything.

- Next step is to open foil and take onion rings and chopped pepper from ribs side and transfer it to potatoes’ side. Then combine in a mixing bowl mayonnaise and barbecue sauce and spread it over meat. After that you need to put it back again in the oven for another 15 minutes, but don’t cover ribs from the top with foil.