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Hardwood floor cost


How much does a hardwood floor cost?

Cost of a new wood flooring to get installed will vary from $5 per square foot to $10 per sq. ft. and total expenditures will be divided in to two separate categories of expenses:

- hardwood floor cost or prices for materials

- cost to install hardwood flooring or labor expenditures

Wood flooring prices

There are three main factors in determination of how much the wood flooring will cost from the major hardwood floor manufacturers or retailors:

1 Hardwood floor species

Prices for unfinished red oak hardwood flooring very from $1.5 per s/f to $3 per s/f, but if you will consider to install some exotic wood species such as mahogany or Brazilian teak the cost will rise significantly and might go up to $5 - $6 per square foot.

2 Hardwood floor grades or general wood appearance

The cheapest option is a utility or tavern grade and the price between lowest and highest grade might be as much as 100% - 150%.

3 Hardwood floor finishes

Type of a finish applied on hardwood floor also will impact the price. Using a high quality protective finishes along with possible stains applications for changing the color of a wood will increase the price.

Usually prepare to pay $3 - $5 per square foot for a decent quality hardwood flooring products.

Hardwood floor installation cost

Type of hardwood floor installation will determine the cost at a first place. Floating wood flooring is the easiest option to install and the prices for installation might start from as low as $1.5 per square foot. Cost to nail or staple down hardwood floor will run from $2 to $3 per square foot plus if you are installing unfinished hardwood add $1.5 - $2.5 per s/f for sanding and finish application. Most installers will charge $2.5 - $3.5 to glue down wood flooring.

There is a very simple solution to save on hardwood floor installation – do it yourself. But still to install a hardwood floor proper tools are require and if you don’t have in you possession miter saw, table saw, compressor, floor nailer or sanding machine and floor edger along with other basic hand tools there is at least a few hundred dollars for renting.

Additional charges

Cost of hardwood floor installation means exactly what it states. Demolishing, subfloor preparation, installation of baseboards and moldings might increase the total price up to 100% or in some cases even more. Usually standard prices will work on a new construction or in case all preparation work will be performed by a homeowner.

Usually contractor will estimate all additional charges after in home inspection and the price will depend on what has to be done. The fee it often calculated based on time spent and the rate typically $50 - $60 per hour.

Smaller projects often will be charged at higher rates and you might pay 15% - 25% more per square foot if replacing flooring in one room compare to hardwood floor replacement in the whole house.

Who will perform the work

Getting 3 estimates and choosing a cheapest installer might not be a smart idea. Local handyman might charge as much as 20%-40% less for the same work if you will hire a professional contractor who will guaranty the quality of a work.

Make sure installer is properly insured and provide you with a written warranty for the work performed before signing a contract for the wood floor installation.