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Graduate degree advantages and disadvantages

Is it worth to get a graduate degree?

Even though it is questionable whether you can find a high paid or at least better job after getting your master's, but for many people to get a graduate degree is fulfilling their dreams. Those people don’t consider it solely as a way to make more money in the future. Furthermore, some students indicate that prospective earnings are not the main reason why they pursuing a master degree. They feel some accomplishment and self-confidence which are more valuable for them.

On the other hand, many students still believe that high education is a sound investment in the prospective job. They think that their salaries might skyrocket. No doubt that with high education you might earn more respect and appreciation at work and in your personal life. Even shy people usually become more outgoing and social. In addition, you can be a better thinker, analyst, and speaker. Graduate students also expand their knowledge and become very valuable employees. With today tough economy situation some students even consider of getting two masters in order to be more marketable on the job market.

You can try yourself in different roles and see what you like and what is more suitable for you. You might open your talents about which you even didn’t know.

Drawbacks of earning high education

The main concern of getting a graduate degree is cost. Some decent houses today might worth the price of your master degree program. Students who take loans have to pay it off with percentages which make the cost even higher.

Not all professions are equally worth of getting master degree. Some people can be faster successful without spending so much money and time on drilling or writing term papers. Some graduates indicate that after graduation they fill like their extra studying did for them more harm than good. The cost of getting their master was much more than they got benefits from it. On the other hand, for some professions it is just necessary to get the highest degree possible to make as much as possible in those careers. For example, it is recommended to have a graduate degree and certifications for lawyers, accountants, and managers.

Other drawback of getting your master degree is that while in the school you will lose some, if not all, of your potential earnings. You will have to sacrifice your social life, family, and any free time. Problems with your family or friends might occur because of your business. You might not have good night sleeps and feel exhausted. If you cannot afford to be a full time student it might take as long as few years of getting your graduate degree. You will have to make some time in addition to your job responsibilities for the class, commuting, and out of class homework assignments.

Graduate education might have a risk of not paying back the cost you spent. Nowadays there are so high demands and requirements for job seekers and they are getting higher and higher. For the time you were at school you could get some valuable experience and meet some job position requirements more closely with bachelor degree.