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Fence options - what to choose


Fence is a freestanding structure that serves as a nice decoration and protection to you and your property. That’s why along with its design homeowners should think about fence functionality as well. For instance, some homeowners want privacy from their neighbors especially if they have pools on their backyards. Others just want that animals and people won’t trespass their property.

How high the fence can be build?

It depends on your local codes. So, make sure that you do some research before starting the project. If you hire a local contractor than he will tell you your area limits and what can be done.
Usually for safe areas in the city you don’t need high and strong fence anyway as long as it is not your personal preference. Low or medium height fence might be just right for you.

How to choose fencing materials?

Installation of a fence it is pretty much big investment. Therefore, it is important to take maximum out of every dollar spent especially if your budget is low. While choosing the fence that will satisfy your needs you should to take into consideration such factors as climate and sun/wind exposure. According to that you can choose the right materials for such matter.

There are so many fence choices available on the market today. Customers can choose from wood, metal, vinyl, brick, concrete, stone, thick glass and some combination of those options. For example, brick or concrete posts can be installed with metal railing in-between. For wooden fences homeowners might choose cedar, pine or bamboo as a green option. Metal fences are made from iron and aluminum the most.


How long does a fence last?

Wooden fence can last about 15 years. It mainly depends on climate condition where it will be installed, type of wood, and maintenance. Other fence material options, such as metal, brick, and vinyl might last lifetime.

Withstanding to damages

Durability of a fence will depend on type of a fence, material used, and installation. Not properly install fence even from stone can collapse. Generally vinyl fence will be less durable and brick/stone is the most durable. While choosing which one might be better in your particular case you need to decide what your priority and budget concern is.


Wooden fence require annual sealing or painting. Good thing is that it can be refinished several times and stained or painted again. Aluminum fence is almost maintenance free, whereas iron should be painted every year.
Brick/stone fence may require raking the butter joints once in a while. With the time mortar won’t look good and it might be needed to remove all the unsound material and insert new mortar between the bricks/stones.
Vinyl/glass fence should be washed from time to time in order to keep it in a good shape and as good as new.

Problems with the fence

While choosing the right materials for fence homeowners should consider maintenance of the fence as well. For example,

wood fence naturally degrades overtime with exposure of sun, wind and water. In addition, wood might be damaged by termites and other bugs if not properly maintained.

vinyl fence might not be the best choice for families with kids because it can be damaged even from hit by a ball or rock. In addition, it won’t withstand strong winds.

metal fence can rust if left without proper maintenance.