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Fence ideas, types, installation, cost, design


Types of fences

There are many different types of fences which available in variety of shapes, patterns, and colors. Fence, as a freestanding structure serves people in varieties of ways. It is usually installed with two purposes: protect or decorate. Fence also adds a special look to your backyard or garden and can be a great way to give the land a definitive border. Regardless of the type the fence of your choice, it should be functional, durable and in style with your property.


Residential fences are free standing relatively light structures that serve homeowners for decorative, privacy and protection purposes. They vary from short to tall depending on what the building codes permit in your area.


Privacy fence are chosen mainly by people who want to reduce their outdoor noise. Those fences are installed frequently in cities because usually houses are very close to each other and neighbors’ privacy is required. It is especially desired for backyards with pools, for example.


Usually garden fences are not supposed to be high and strong as long as it is personal preference of the owner. It meant to prevent and protect any type of intrusion both from animals and people.

Portable fences

It is temporary, often light structure which comes as separate panels easy to put together. Portable fence is a great solution for isolating particular object or area for a certain period of time.


An electric fence usually installed in order to protect your back yard from animals’ trespassing. They usually have some small amount of current in it in order to make such uninvited guests to go away.


Farm fences are built with two purposes – to protect and to keep domestic animals in one place that they won’t run away. Usually those fences have 2-rail or 3-rail. Stacked agricultural fence are also installed, but they are not that common. Popular wood materials are red cedar, pine and locust.


Those fences are usually installed to protect against movements across the boundaries, damages, and acts of vandalism. Security fences are commonly installed on residential, sports, leisure, commercial, and military properties.


A hedge is planted in a line of closely spaced shrubs or trees and trimmed to form a living fence. There are lots of different species of hedge shrubs and trees, some of them are fast growing and others are not. Therefore, many hedge species can take a long time to establish. Sometimes people install from the behind of the hedge fence also a wired fence for more protective purposes.

Fence materials


Wood is one of the most popular fence materials available on the market today. Homeowners trust this durable beauty. It has decent life span and can decorate any type of the property with its natural look.


Composite fence are made from wood and other manmade materials. Combination of those materials gives this fence very appealing look and prolongs its longevity as well compare to some other wood fences.


The applied protective zinc coating to steel, which is called galvanization, makes the fence maintenance free and prevents it from rusting. In addition, this type of fence material won’t fade or craze.


Iron is a durable and reliable fence material that people have been using for centuries. It gives your front and back yard some classical appearance. With applying a protective zinc coat it will look as good as new for many years to come.


Vinyl made from manmade materials. Usually it comes in white color. The fence material is not strong, so it is only perfect choice for quite neighborhoods where it will have less possibility to get some damages. It require a little bit of maintenance – to clean from time to time.


The trouble and maintenance free fence which meant to last. By using this type of fencing material, homeowners won’t need to ever worry about corrosion or craze.


Brick fences are very strong and durable. This fencing material are available in different colors and patterns and can be matched with the bricks that were used in building your property, so that this fence appears to be as a part of the house. They are often installed in combination with other types of fencing materials, such as glass and iron. Some refreshing of mortar might be required from time to time.


The same as with bricks, stone fences are very tough and visually appealing as well. Those fences will give your property a natural, but expensive and exotic look. They can be installed with or without mortar. Stone fences are especially suitable if you have a water fountain on your front or back yard.


Some types of fences come as panels different dimensions. It is very easy to install and can be done as do it yourself project. Basic carpenter skills might require performing wood fence installation. Welding iron or building brick fence should be done professionally and experience installers should be hired for completing such work.

Local codes

Before start planning design and style check if there are any special restrictions and regulations. Fence, as a free-standing structure, build on residential or commercial properties has to comply with local building codes.

Fence cost

Fencing prices very significantly. Chain link fence is the cheapest option. Cost of wood fence will be determined by the wood species used. Treated pine least expensive and easy to work with, but Ipe (Brazilian Walnut) will cost a few times more. Electric fences installation normally not estimated per linear foot, but per unit and the actual price might vary from a few hundred to a few thousands. Stone and brick fences are the most expensive. Customization will always increase expenses and building a stylish fence won’t be a cheap outdoor renovation.

How long fence will last

Many materials used in fencing industry are not or very little affected by weather conditions and with proper installation will last hundreds of years. Wood fences have shortest lifespan and treated wood posts might have to be replaced in 10 – 15 years or even sooner. PVC or vinyl fence can be damaged by heavy objects, buy it will never rot or rust.

Design and ideas

Combination of different materials is what makes the fence appearance unique. Brick, stone or galvanized steel can be used for posts and cedar is a great option to complete a design. Picket wood or vinyl fence is very simple idea, but it will bring its own stylish and distinctive aesthetic look.

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