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Estimating kitchen remodeling cost

10 main factors affecting the cost of kitchen renovation

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Design and preparationHiring a professional designer is quite expensive idea, but it is the best option while planning to perform high end kitchen renovation. On average, expect to pay $70 - $110 per hour using the designer services. If the budget is low, you can always discuss all details directly with a contractor and make basic drawings of a future bathroom by self.

Average cost of kitchen remodeling

Difference in cost between cheapest bathroom renovation and top notch remodeling could be huge and it is impossible to determine how much it will cost to complete the project before defining what has to be done. On the lowest end simple 130 ft2 kitchen can be remodeled for $7,000 - $9,000. Customization, expensive materials and fixtures will increase the cost greatly and high end kitchen renovation can be estimated well over $80,000.